Phosphorous Def or Nute Burn?

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    This is the only plant out of 8 to be doing this. 
    Strain is Purple Wreck. Cool tube with 600W MH is 15 inches away.
    I took a couple gallons of water out the res and added some distilled water back into it (to lower the ppm). 
    I was at about 715 ppm using a 0.5 tds meter. I brought it back down to 600 (because it was doing well there since january 2nd). This problem arose like 3 days ago and has very slowly progressed.
    Been keeping PH at a steady 5.7-5.9 and not letting it fluctuate much.
    I've used PH Down almost daily and Ph Up once or twice. I saw a salt build up on the side of the res like 2 weeks ago. It was before it needed to be topped off with a few gallons so I just topped it off in hopes of dilution. It's been fine for all that time until the last 2 or 3 days.
    The stems are kind of purplish (which I heard can be normal or sometimes can't be... great <_< )
    It's mostly on the lower leaves. Very mild on the upper leaves.


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    Indoors or outdoors? Indoors
    What strain? Purple Wreck
    How old are the plants? 3.5 weeks
    What type of lights and how many watts? 600 watt MH
    How far from the lights? 13-15 inches
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? RDWC (Bubble Bucket)
    What, how much & when fed? NPK? Sensi Grow A (3-0-0) & B (1-2-6), B-52 (2-1-4), & Voodoo Juice. With Cal-Mag+ (2-0-0)
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? PH 5.7-5.9 PPM is 625. Brought down from 715.
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? 75 - 82 during lights on. 70 during lights off.
    What size pots? 8 inch net pots in 5 gallon buckets
    Any bugs? Killed a spider two weeks ago. Killed a fly one week ago.
    Any other pertinent info? I give my babies lots of love. Please help me fix this one (one of my favorite..shhh.. don't tell the others)
  3. You simply need to add more Cal/Mag, she's not getting enough and is expressing a minuscule Ca deficit. Nothing to worry about, just give your girls a little more and they'll settle down. You have a nice set-up, btw.
  4. Check your roots. My problem with root rot initially started looking like that
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    Thanks. I appreciate it.
    Thanks for the input. Root rot is 90% of the time caused by not enough oxygen to the roots and then high res temps makes it worse. I don't think I have that problem, but anything is possible.
    I tried to treat for everything. I did a res change. I got paper towels and wiped down the inside of the res when it was empty. 
    I added 11 gallons which is equal to 42 Liters of distilled water. I kept things mild for now.
    Sensi Grow A (3-0-0) recommended at 2ml/L. I added 60ml.
    Sensi Grow B (1-2-6) recommended at 2ml/L. I added 60ml.
    B-52 (2-1-4) recommended 1ml/L. I added 30ml.
    Cal-Mag (2-0-0) recommended 3-5ml/L. I added 30ml.
    3% H2O2 recommended 3ml/L. I added 60ml.
    I also added 2 frozen water bottles (closed) to each res.
    PPM is at 500 (0.5 TDS meter). PH is at 5.8 (didn't need to add Ph Up or Down).
    They are sleep right now (for five more hours). I did this change right before lights out.
    So what next? Any suggestions/help?
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    I can't get a break.
    @[member="mmman"] can you help with this?
    Lights came back on an hour ago. I got Rhino Skin in the mail today which is a silica supplement (helps plants get stronger, pest resistant, and tolerate higher temps. Waited until 6 to add it since ppm is only at 500 anyways.
    They were 90F.
    ok. turn on the fan. nothing seems out of whack. this just seems like a freak coincidence.
    The Problem?
    The leaves of the four plants in the hydroponic system closest to the heater have canoed.
    I DON'T KNOW WHY. And it's pissing me off.
    I give these ladies love and affection. I take care of them twice a day besides some days I slipped and checked once.
    Anyways. I added 30ml of rhino skin to make these girls more resilient.
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    don't know how I forgot pics... These are all of purple Wreck
    The original plant (Purple Wreck) is canoeing mostly downward with a couple leaves going upwards. The newest growth looks like a claw.
    Two other plants (Sweet Purple & Pineapple Chunk) are canoeing upwards though. And Liberty Haze (the plant closest to the heater) is just chillin. Growing. Laying back laughing at it's sisters. 
    Could it be the heat? That's what I think.
    Could it also be too much nitrogen from how much nitrogen all the nutes have? hmm.. scratch my temple
    Could it be that I lowered the ppm so much? Probably not
    Could it be that the frozen bottle of water I added lowered res temps to 60F? This is my number two guess. Maybe combined with number one?

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  8. They look as well to me this time as they did the first, only pix are a bit better this time. I don't see anything different, really. The high temps weren't overly damaging, can't see symptoms of heat stress, and the 90 degrees the plants were at doesn't seem to have been very long. I don't see that you have anything to worry about. The Ca deficit the plants were expressing have stayed, I see new growth. Keep you ph sorted, no swinging, and you'll be okay. Nothing bad to report, you're doing well.

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