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Phony youtube potheads

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Thecannabisman, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hey, just the other day I was feining some brownies, i had never tried eating weed but was really curious after i heard it gave a "hash-like" buzz. So I visited youtube, im not much of a reader so id rather watch a video and just do what they did.

    So, after fully analyzing the video, we did this.

    4Grams of grade A shit (from a dispensary in montreal)
    half a cup of Canola Oil

    put that on a pan at about medium heat and let it cook for about 30 mins. the room started to smell of hard ganje, so i figured it was extracting the cannabinoids.

    We then made a fairly small amount of brownie, in order to have a high concentrate/per bite. We did all this at about 1:30AM and waited till like 3:00AM for a buzz (nothing). I then woke up at 4:42AM and felt as if I was hit by a truck. Now im not sure if this was the brownies or the 5grams i had smoke a few hours previous to eating brownies.

    The next day rolls along, and we have half the brownies (2gs) - We ate it relatively early when we hadnt smoked a thing so we could get the real buzz, after 1 hour and a half we resorted to smoking out of the bong because we just didnt feel much.

    - Anyone know if this way is fake?
    - Id also like to know some easy/fast ways of cooking some real mean recipes
    - And also to know if i happen to succeed at cooking weed food properly, is the buzz a lot bigger then smoking lets say a few bowls from THEBONNGG.
  2. You didn't have enough oil for 4g's of weed dude, c'mon.

    The more weed you use the more oil you need to use, otherwise a lot of the THC isn't getting absorbed since the oil is saturated.

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