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  1. i hate phonies. who's a phony you you guys hate?


    can't blame that shit on the rain. PHONIES!!
  2. [ame=""]YouTube- Hey, This Guy's A Great Big Phony![/ame]
  3. ^^^ seriously? come on now...
  4. Catcher in the Rye inspired thread?
  5. The dude got the Nobel Prize for nothing. Barely in his first term they say hes done such a great job even though other presidents have done much more and didnt get a metal.

  6. hes such a beautiful phony though...I we have the most attractive leader or what?
  7. I wish I could get a nobel peace prize for doing literally nothing.
  8. he's the first african american president in one of the most racist places on earth. look at all the presidents we've ever had, the whitest slave owners and then one black dude. that deserves more than a hand shake.
  9. [​IMG]

    ashlee simpson.... PHONY!
  10. Holden Caulfield, what a prick.

  11. Put yourself in his shoes. If you were to get an unexpected prize out of nowhere for doing nothing, but it came with prestige, your name in the history books, and a huge cash prize, would you turn it down? I know I wouldn't. :)
  12. [​IMG]

    this bitch didn't go anywhere. she's in like hawaii or something. PHONY!
  13. [​IMG]

    another one. you're dead. you have been for the longest time, who are you really? i know... A PHONY!!!
  14. [​IMG]

    stupid dee dee dee. you stole your jokes from george lopez. your real name is ned. shut up.

  15. You make it sound like he got a Nobel Prize in Chemistry or Physics. It was the Nobel Peace Prize.

    All Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

    There's a list of the laureates. All these people look to promote peace in some way or another. This is seen through his foreign policies. The rest of the world is fucking ecstatic this man is the President. Medeov (not sure if i got his name right) actually called him a smart and patient person, unlike Bush. He's pushing through the don't ask, don't tell bullshit. He's all ready signed off on unions and rights for gays. He's pushed passed legislation regarding equal pay.

    He is being treated like a rockstar. Its true. Why? Because the people love him. And don't bring up this bullshit of how he isn't listening to the people. 70 million people voted for him in 2008. That's Democracy in action. The majority spoke. We sat through Bush's shit. Now you sit through ours. But it won't be shit.

    BTW, don't point your finger at the economy and say he's fucked it up. He's fixing it.

  16. Haha yea I heard this dude isn't even Mexican. I heard he's from Honduras or something. I think I seen a video on the web where he got ripped apart by Joe Regan for ripping people off on their meterial. George Lopez also let him have it. I'm not calling Emilia Earhart a phony, but I've always wondered what happened to that lady..
  17. He got it because he was black. End of story.

    Did you know he signed a bill saying if you get pulled over and test positive for THC you will be arrested?

    He has done nothing special. Nixon opened China. What has Obama done? Helped gays in the military? Yeah thats gonna fix our country.

    He didnt deserve it. It was a political stunt

  18. It's not the end of story, that's simply your opinion.

    THC is federally illegal - and it still is, so you should be arrested. Don't drive stoned - derrrr.

    He's done more than that, don't play a fool.

    It was a political stunt? He was already president! lol.

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