Phone Was Destroyed, What Should I Get Now?

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    Well I had an iPhone 4 which has easily lasted me my 2 years of contract and has been a very reliable, great phone to have. Now that my phone has literally been destroyed, I need to find a new one, and I'm not sure whether to continue on team iPhone or convert to team Android. The Galazy S 4 is looking very tempting, and I don't really want an iPhone 5. I also don't want an iPhone 4 or 4S sense that's what I've had the past 2 years. My plan was to wait for the new iPhone, but that obviously fell through :/

    So which phones do you all recommend and why?

    Story of what happened to my phone for the curious:
    Yesterday a group of friends and I went down to the beach just around sunset and fucked around there for a while. We didn't smoke at the beach, to many people and police patrolling. So later when the sun went down we all decided to take a walk down the beach, which turned into a mosquito feeding frenzy, forcing us to retreat back to the car. By this time I'm not high anymore, but sometime during the rush and confusion to escape the mosquitoes I left my phone sitting on the top of my car. Anyways, after leaving the beach we drove to a Buc-ees truck stop, at which point I realized I lost my phone. I used the "Find My iPhone" app on my friends phone, and saw that it was just a couple miles down the road from where we were. Whilst looking at the app, I saw the blue dot that represented my phone turn grey, as if it lost connection or something.. So we all got back in the car, drove back to the area where we last saw my phone on the map, and luckily saw it in the middle of the road. But, it was run over by a car :/ Completely destroyed obviously, and the otterbox defender series case completely ripped off and nowhere to be found. It almost made me laugh that I had the opportunity to get my phone after all that happened, but I watched it get run over by a car on Find My iPhone.. And I'm also surprised that my phone made it a solid 8 miles on the top of my car without falling off. At least my contract is up!

  2. I had a 4s but recently had to get a new phone I went with the iphone 5 and im very satisfied
  3. get galaxy s4 its much stronger than iphone.
    you must have heard "iphone 5 falls on the floor and breaks like anything, whereas nokia falls on the floor and breaks the floor" 
  4. I recently got an HTC One and pretty happy with it, id reccomend it. :^)
  5. Whatever you do, don't get a pager.
  6. iPhones are very fragile. Get a good phone
  7. Personally, I hate apple. Everything about them, except for the iPod.

    Team Android. My phone is 3 years old and still kicking (for the most part lol). And I agree with ^^ iphone's are extremely fragile., and a good case for it costs like $50. Overpriced shit for what you get. The only thing I like about iPhones are the ease of use. Other than that, they blow.
  8. I have a galaxy note 2 and absolutely love it...iphones are for old ladies....lmao
  9. Get AIDs it has an all new and never before seen UI.
  10. I recommend a Galaxy blows any Apple product out of the water.  The customization is amazing
  11. GS4... Superior to iPhone in every single way.

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  12. Get the HTC ONE its sooooooo sexy and everything you'd ever need from a cell phone not to mention it has bests audio built in :D 1371021137510.jpg

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  13. Iphones are definitely the more basic and userfriendly phone and i like my 4s but homestly you may just want to upgrade now that the next generation of phones are coming in.

    Galaxy s4 and HTC one both look really tempting check them out, OP
  14. Was a galaxy fan and had an iphone in the past.
    Current favorite is the Sony Xperia series.
    The Z is awesome :)
  15. Galaxy S4 all the way

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  16. Damn that's a mess!
    I've got an S3, had it a while now and it's badass. Would recommend it to anyone but to be honest you might want the newer S4 which I'm sure is also good.
    Probably be able to get the S3 much cheaper now though.
  17. Galaxy s4 or note 2, followed by htc. Never go back to apple, I never will.

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