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Phone Stolen By A Friend What To Do?

Discussion in 'General' started by John Lennon, May 10, 2014.

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    Ok this is my lil brother problem actually.
    He went out with a couple of friends and suddenly his phone just disappears. He was just with these two guys , so as soon as he realizes he doesnt has his phone he calls himself from friends A phone.
    His phone seemed to be off, which is strange because he had plenty of battery. Inmediatly after this, friend B says "im sorry I got to go, mom called me i got to go" and he gets away.
    After this, friend A tells my bro "i think he stole your phone, same shit happened to me with my mp3 player and this guy.."
    The day after that, this guys doesnt attend to classes. Weird huh? My bro goes to the teacher and she says its not the first time this guy is suspicios for stealing.
    Now my mom and my bro talked to this guys mom and obv she deffended his son... Now he probably sold the phone or stuff like that....
    So basically should I do something about it? I cant mess with kids because im an adult but seriously this fucking pisses me off.
    Its an Iphone, is there any way to track it?

  2. Call the Army.
    Don't hang out with people who have a history of stealing from people they're around.
  3. I think depending on the iphone model you might be able to track it but it'd need to be on, which it isn't so... I wouldn't count on that.
    when I was little (6-7) we had a "friend" that was like this. I feel like almost every other group will have one. he started off with our gameboy(s) advanced, then different gamecube games, then moved to our ipods.. thing is, he was so close to the family that no one really almost wanted to admit that it was him, so we'd keep having him over and he'd keep jacking shit from my bros and I. also it didn't help that he'd steal from all of us siblings so we'd sometimes be mindfucked into thinking it was each other.
    anyway, eventually we just stopped hanging out with him. he lived in our neighborhood a few houses down so it was kinda awkward but that's about as much as you can do at that point. consider the stolen shit gone and take it as a lesson. sucks but now your bro knows not to associate himself with that guy. maybe he's going through something, maybe it's a phase, who knows, but it's far too risky to be hanging out with this guy if he's gonna steal something as pricey has an iphone. it's almost worse if you just mysteriously stop talking to him cause he has to keep wondering if you know... and then he wonders if you know that he knows... and etc. that's what we did.
    some people change though. me and the kid that used to steal from us when we were little are acquaintances/borderline friends now. he's a good guy and eventually confessed to his shit, but YEARS later. said he was insecure and just wanted to fit in and have the same stuff as us, which is probably why he'd be so stupid as to show us his "new" presents only a few days after we'd lost ours. so yeah semi happy ending there.. still don't trust him for shit though but oh well
    tl;dr tell your bro to just forget about it and stop hanging out with the kid. take it as a lesson and hope that this guy recognizes his shit to your bro at some point or another. if he doesn't, fuck it.
  4. not much you can do, you can file a police report but more than likely nothing but a pain in the ass will come of it. a lot of kids in middleschool and highschool that steal are too stupid to actually sell and profit from what they stole. odds are the thief will be walking around school with the phone in the near future. 
  5. report it stolen to the carrier..service shut off, devices unique network ID is flagged as a stolen device.
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    1st step - report it stolen to the service provider
    2nd step - put a police report
    3rd step - what type of iPhone is it? You can track it...
    Did you set up "Find My iPhone"?
    "If you have set up find my iphone in icloud on the device before, you can try to locate your device with find my iphone. Go to in your web browser. When you log in, Find My iPhone will immediately begin trying to locate your phone if it is online. If it is offline, you can try to enable Lost Mode and others, learn more here:
    If it does not work, it is better for you to contact your service provider and see if they can help. To prevent your new idevice from being stolen or lost in the future, I suggest you apply some free anti-theft apps like iLostFinder except set up Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod in iCloud on the device. It will take pics of the thief or finder when she/he tries to open your device with a wrong pass and then send the pics to your email etc. Hope it helps."
    Good luck fam
  7. Sounds like an unnecessary lesson learned the hard way.

    Nobodys ever tried to take anything from my pockets, but I dont leave shit lying around.

    If you want an assault charge following you forever do somethin stupid. Otherwise, have a talk with your brother about hangin with hood rats and give him some direction.

    Your mom will probably buy him a new one n e ways. A track phones cheap :)
  8. Mate this shit pisses me off.
    I dont usually say shit like this but fuck it, go put the shits up the kid yourself, you dont need to hit him, just make sure the only thing he wants to do is get the phone back to you.
    Some years ago my parents went on holiday and their house was burgled, I knew it had to be someone I know. I saw these kids, my little brothers friends, looking all scared when they saw me, I knew instanly it was them as my brother was boasting about going away and they knew I was at work.
    I didnt lay a finger on them but I had my stuff back in 24 hours, its up to you what you do but I cant see another way to get it back.
  9. While that friend sure is suspicious and obviously is the one who took it, there's no way of prooving it now.  Your 'bro' let him leave and now the phone can be anywhere.  Probably sold by now.  It's easy to reset if it's an iPhone then there's no way of proving any iPhone he has is yours.  Why would you leave your phone laying around anyway?  I sure as hell don't
  10. doesnt sound like a "friend" 
  11. What if it was friend a that stole it? He could be trying to put the blame somewhere else.
  12. Your brother just wants a new phone. Somebody gotta take the fall. Sorry Johnny.
  13. Have your little brother chin check that mother fucker and kick him while he's down. Then steal his phone, shoes, and wallet. Adios motherfucker this will cover my iPhone

    Grasscity does not condone promoting violence or theft... - IgnorantFool
  14. Record him stealing and put it on FB lol.
    But I think if you call your phone company they can file your device as stolen as someone said before. It's actually kinda hard (but still not really) to pawn a used and payed for phone because depending on where you go, they do check for the ID/serial number on it to make sure it's not stolen. But as I said, this is a policy that only differs on quality/integrity of management...
    But that sucks butthole man. I would tell your bro to not hang with that guy anymore, and get the crew hip so that nigga can be exiled for thievery from the fam; most unholy of offenses!
  15. I just posted this in another thread...figured it would fit here too...
    Let's make sure this one doesn't get out of hand, shall we?

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