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Phone Lines, are we safe??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by buds2k, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. i was calling a few dealers for bud and i thought about the phone you think cops listen on phone lines to catch people on deals? i really hope this isn't true...i am so ripped right now...and its makin me paranoid lol
  2. listening in on someone's phone line is so easy to do. I made a beignbox once and hooked up to my neighbours phone. (ah to be 12 and stupid)

    but I highly doubt anyone would waste their valuable resources to catch a couple stoners. You people are too paranoid. Cops only investigate people who import and the higher ups in the drug world.
  3. i got my little taste of jail a couple months ago for some bs..i dont want to go back...i wanna toke and have no way on being caught...but yeah i do get paranoid lol
  4. oh I understand. I wouldn't last a day in jail. I have too much of a pretty face.....and ass.
  5. haha yeah i didn't really go to jail...i went to a holding cell that was outside...and i was there for over 8 hours...and eventually got bailed out...but they said they were giving me one more hour to get bailed out of there or thier takin me to the real jail....that was the worst night of my life i cant even imagine haing to go thru the real deal.
  6. did u get ass raped?
  7. They made him grab his ankles.
  8. lol. but yea blocko is right. cops dont go after the buyers, they go after the suppliers
  9. nope just got sit in a jail cell for 8 hours with a huge hang over, sorry to dissapoint you...
  10. just a little thought here,...buut
    to listen in on a few stoners would lead eventually to bigger stoners, hey we gotta get it from 'somewhere' and wouldnt they just looove to know who? what? and where?
    ok maybe im paranoid too :D but we dont talk on the phone
    and p.s. my kid is all time listening in on whoever he can on a cheap scanner...
  11. thats why YOU use payphones to call people.

  12. yea but i thought payphones automatically record all the conversations that are with its use??? i dont know
  13. my friend's phonelines got tapped.

    he was the biggest dealer though in the highschool, and he wasn't just dealing with weed.

    well he wasn't really my 'friend.' i was good friends with him all through gradeschool but we went to seperate highschools. i dunno whats goin on with him now, i think he's dropped out and just doin roofing work or something.

  14. how can u tell if ur phone is tapped? and what could a person do if it was?

  15. I've never heard of that before. Plus, for you being on a payphone is nearly 100% anonymous. Unless of course you or someone else days your full name.
  16. i heard from someone i know, who used to work for the police that every call made from a payphone is recorded and video taped. blew me away. i don't know if it's true or not, but i bet they would do that.
  17. the fun part is you cant tell that they are tapped unless you go buy the equipment that will set you back a Couple bucks and most likley you will just be wasting your money cause chances are they arent tapping your line Parents do all the time tho you can tell too when the pigs come to your door and arrest you :D

  18. You can feel a third person in the line :D
  19. Don't you use cellphones in the USA? Here everyone's got one and we make our appointments via sms. Just write "cartoons" or "cds" instead of weed or grams. Even if they were to read it, they wouldn't understand.

    At least I hope so
  20. cops? no.
    echelon monitors all electronic comunication.

    but their not likely to throw away their power by chasing down every little legal incursion thus inciting mass revolt based on the constant unrelenting invasion of privacy.

    so yes, there are devices listening (though not necessarily people) but no one listening will want to bust you.

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