Phone chargers around 12v?

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  1. Well I'm sure if you have ever had a micro grow you know about using phone chargers as a power source to power your computer fans (if thats what fan you used). Well the only phone chargers I can find are 5.9v, and those just aren't powerful enough. I'm going to need from 10-12v to power my 120mm and 140mm for the achieved strength. What chargers did you guys use? Or is there even an alternative cord of extracting the needed volts? I'm even willing to purchase them on online stores, but can't find a damn one :confused:.

    Model #'s are great :smoke:

    Thanks blades!
  2. Thanks for that! That's what I meant by alternative. Would this work as well?
  3. An old computer power supply works great as is exactly 12v. See my sig if you like.
  4. Shit shipping on the site I just posted is $11 which is as much as the order itself. Rather much for me. They sell these in stores right? Just looking for some cheap ones.
  5. yes the one u posted is fine. but its only 350ma, try to get something with 1A or more.
    basically 2 fans per 1A. so if you using just 1 or 2 fans,
    get the cheapest 12DC VOLT 1A you can find.

  6. Still no luck -.-
    I'm trying to find some in stores but no luck. Where did you guys grab your stuff from?
    Maybe I just missed them...
  7. They are all over ebay. Just search 12v power supply. U can get them for like 2 bucks.
  8. goodwill stores! there are hundreds here from peoples old cell chargers. cell chargers have since moved on from usable ones
  9. Look around your house they are every were and 5v wont do it and 9v is your lowest you can go, Drill chargers, almost anything required for recharging with have a dc supply

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