PHOENIX, AZ - Doctors cant be charged for marijuana referrals

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    I'm going to copy + paste the article because the source only allows 5 views every 30 days for non-members, so to save you stoners time and annoyances, here is the article:

  2. The way I'm interpreting this is that clinics can be more like California where you walk in and get a card, which would be neat
  3. That is good news since it is a healthcare issue and if someone clearly has a condition, the technicality of reviewing documents for 12 months is a bit much.  However, I don't think it turns AZ into Cali, since AZ patients get a recommendation/certification from a Doctor who submits it to the state of Arizona to get reviewed for a card which usually takes 2 weeks.  
    There are a decent number of Arizona Marijuana Certifications Doctors which also make it easier for patients who might have doctors who are unfamiliar with the process or unwilling to even discuss marijuana. 

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