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Phlunx Strain Reviews : Chocolate Chip Cookies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Phlunx., Oct 10, 2014.

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    hey guys, gonna start doing strain reviews of the best genetics I can get my hands on, from flowers to extracts and more. I will go into depth about the genetics and history of the strain, the taste, smell, effects, come down, medical benifits, locality and then a list of pros and cons.

    Chocolate Chip Cookies (Private Collection)

    Draw's Chocolate Thai x Girl Scout Cookies

    Indica dominate Hybrid

    price - $80 for 8.5 gs

    Grass Valley, CA

    smell - sweet, earthy / hashy smell

    taste - sweet hash flavor with a hint of doughyness

    looks - dark tanish/yellow and forest green buds frosted over with bits of purple n black and bright orange hairs.

    effects- was lucky enough to scoop some of this up out of my buddies private grow from this year, had never heard of this variety of cookies before. once he presented me with a nug of this stuff I had to snag some, its.not rare for cookie variaties to pop up around here but they never looked like this. brought home 8.5 gs, soon as I got home and walked through the door my gf smelt it through my backpack. the smell is a strong earthy hash smell, with a bit of sweet undertones. the buds have a nice tan/forest green color going on with tiny trichs frosted all over.

    Upon break up it crumbled right off the stem, and left your fingers stickin for a good minute. flavor was comparable to the scent, except the taste had a strong hash flavor going for it along with a sweet flavor, almost comparable to some epic MPK.

    Effects kick in about 5 minutes after a sess. starts off in the head, right behind the eyes (this stuff will make your eyelids mad heavy), then shoots down your back and spreads throughout your body. deff has strong indica effects. this strain will put you in major couch lock, would not suggest for daytime use. the effects last for about 2 hours, with a relaxing come down. these cookies deff had me catching myself looking at stuff for no reason for chunks of time and then snapping back wondering wtf had just happened.

    medical uses: good for patients looking to relieve pain, help get sleep, help w/ appetite, relieve anxiety and depression.

    pros: unique flavor, easy lung expansion, good for sleepness nights, very relaxing and makes movies, music, games etc more fun.

    cons: major couch lock, mad munchies. this is a strain that I like to say "dumbs me out" were I just sit aroundand have no motivation to do anything.

    overall rating- 7.5/10
    overall its some good nugget, could be a little better, deff not something that has my mind blown, but is awesome for night time smoke sessions, and helps with those suffering from appetite problems.

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  2. That looks like some Gold Kush I've had in the 707 before! outstanding :) Good pickup!
    From your description it sounds like it's either over-dried a little bit or it's been jarred for a little while.
    Cheers mate!
  3. thanks! yeah its been in my jar for a awhile now not sure if he grew this indoor or outdoor either but hey, it gets the job done lol

  4. you still here @phlunx

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