Phish...why did it take me this long????

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  1. Ok so last week or two weeks ago Jimmy Fallon late night show thing had Rolling Stones week right? Well Phish came on and did a performance of a Rolling Stone song and it blew me away. So chill and just awesome, a lot like my favorite bands (The Band, Grateful Dead, Byrds, The Doors, etc). So recently I youtube'd and found this song:

    [ame=]YouTube - Phish- Waste[/ame]

    Pretty ballin', can anyone recommend some albums for me to torrent haha?:hello::smoke:
  2. i dont really listen to them but my friends are completely obsessed. what i've gathered is that you gotta listen to some of their live sets.
  3. Yea much like the Grateful Dead...I'm surprised no one offered any albums :confused_2:
  4. I would download any live albums you could find. Some of my favorite live albums out there are A Live One, Madison Square Garden 12/31/95, and there are also 20 Live Phish albums that are all good but some are def. better. Waste isn't one of their biggest songs and isn't really the type of sound that Phish is known for but if you're looking for songs like that some good ones are Dirt and Strange Design. As for songs that they're known for and that I suggest you listen to I would say You Enjoy Myself, Reba, Chalkdust Torture, Slave to the Traffic Light, Stash, Divided Sky, Harry Hood and sooo many more. Once you get into their live stuff you'll be addicted.
  5. My favorite Phish album by a long shot is their first album Junta. Unfortunately imo their latter albums didn't contain as many solid tunes but thats just me. BUt really, as first albums go, Junta is a good match for the Dead (obviously the dead gave them a lot to work with).
  6. Thanks guys, I'll be sure to torrent those!

    Oh and when I youtube'd Phish, Waste had one of the highest views so I clicked it lol.
  7. Right now, as I listen to this video you posted, I'm asking myself the same damn question.

    "Why did it take me this long?"

    Thanks, friend.
  8. Lol no prob, I wasn't even high I just thought it was really good.
  9. not sure of any albums but this song is my favorite. makes me groove out hard.

    [ame=]YouTube - Phish - Down with Disease[/ame]

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