Phish Tommorow

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  1. Going to Phish tommorow, what are the odds of me coming across some delicious tabs of acid? For festivals you basically have acid vendors. Will it be easy to find?
  2. Doses, doses.
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    you shouldnt have much of a problem. i was going to go to that show at Jones Beach also..but instead im going to dave matthews

    also im not sure how phish is (never been to thier concerts) but for allman brothers in hartford, when we parked we had someone knockin on our window offering us lsd, shrooms, coke, E, opium. then about 20 diff people would whisper a drug they're selling in my ear as i walk by them =)

    good luck and have fun
  4. Why the fuck would you pick Dave matthews over phish!?!
  5. haha i know. i really wanted to go to Phish instead but its about 4 hours away from me and costs more for tickets =(

    plus Phish was sold out
  6. Oh I see, I thought you just turned them down! While I heard Dave Matthews is pretty good so its all good
  7. What are the odds? hahaha well my friend youll be happy to know the odds are unfathomably good of finding Lucy.. Good luck, and God Speed

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