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Phish show - Fenway park May 31

Discussion in 'General' started by qwik1, May 31, 2009.

  1. Who's going to be there? Should be nuts.
  2. damn, shoulda looked into it earlier... not gonna be able to get tickets now:(
    Not a big fenway park fan but phish and trey anastasio are pretty amazing.

    Isn't DMB there tonight?? Not a big fan, i think they're pretty overrated... but still, thats 2 nights in a row of giant bands
  3. he was last night, not sure if hes there again

    Oh, i hate his music, but my boys mom went to the concert ;)
  4. fuck trey. that's all i ahve to say about phish.
  5. i wish i could go, too late now, at least it's playing in my speakers right now :yay:

    how dare you insult the jedi :D
    phish is phantastic

    to each his/her own...

  6. i have no problems with phish, when phish was PHISH.

    trey left cus he was too good for them, and flopped. his shit sucked. and now their back, for what? cus they're in their 40s, they're prob gettin broke, and they're trying to reclaim a certain sort of ideal that really has fizzled out ya dig?
  7. who is familiar with the parking scene around Fenway park? where is best place to park a car and how much will it cost and is there a risk your car will be broken into?

  8. Those guys are still more than capable of putting on great shows, and there are plenty of people out there who'd dig them.

    In the end, that's all that matters.
  9. exactly :D
  10. Not a big fan of Phish, but love the atmosphere of the concerts. Missed the big concert at Va beach earlier this year. still a little sad about it.
  11. damn i wish i could be up there, finishing up school
  12. lol that shud be good show...but too bad fenway is kinda a dump...its nice on the outside...but everyones who has been there knows...its a shithole inside unless ur in the club area...ive seen rats in there...Go Bosox tho

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