Phish Playing on my B-day!!@!@!@

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  1. So the other day i found out that my phavorite band in the world is playing on my birthday! They will be at Cincinnati Ohio which is only three hours away from my school. God damn I am so pumped its gonna be the best birthday ever!
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    I live in Cincinnati and will be attending the show, if you need a place to crash or someone to go with let me know!

    Wow, Phish is coming to town I can fucking wait Im gonna get tickets to both nights. Hopefully I can get some standing area but seats wont be bad because thats gonna be a long concertt to stand for..

    Im really syked I can wait to get super high and go...

    Thinking about smoking mass, then going and smoking mass at the concert

    [ame=""]YouTube - Phish - 10/31/96 ('Born Under Punches')[/ame]
  3. anyone else going to go? its gonna be a great night no doubt about it! What songs are you hoping for? I am hoping to my some ladies named Esther and Reba!
  4. Run like an antelope for sure, but I really wanna hear back on the train. Looking forward to seeing the boys work there magic, im so fucking psyched I need to get some money ASAP!

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