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  1. hey my friend told that he heard that phish might be getting back together. that would kick so much ass. i would love to see them live
  2. phish forever, whoaaaaaaaaa yahhhhhhhhh kick ass phish phish phish
  3. It's true, it's true!!

    Phish will appear on Saturday Night Live on Dec. 14

    Phish will appear on David Letterman on Dec. 19

    A new Phish tour has been announced to begin in Feb. 2003, including Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Denver, Chicago and more!!
  4. hell yea hell yea hey where can i find the concert info i wanna see if they are coming near me
  5. they got the round room coming out
    uh, try
  6. sweet thanks phish rocks.
  7. lowell, i will go with you just let me know when it is.
  8. Anyone going to see them New year's Eve????

    I would love to, but I won't pay the big $$$$, nor will I have the time off probably. :(
  9. i want to so bad. i know people that are though. it is gonna be so great

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