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  1. So my local headshop has a nice 14' Phire green lable strait tube bong with ice catcher on sale for $150. The thing is a beast. Such THICK glass. Im so fuckin tempted to buy it, but i dont wanna spend that much cash right then.

    My question is, has anyone ever smoked outta one? Did it compare to a RooR or simular brand?

    I cant find any trace of bongs called Phire online but they look exactly like a RooR. I wish i could have snaped a pick of it. Damn.

    Well if they still have it next weekend, that shit is mine! Maybe... Still undecided. What do you think?
  2. for a bong that has all that shit and only costs 150 bucks, id fucking buy it man.
  3. I had a phire and it was a piece of trash. Uneven and wobbly base. Bubbles is the mouth piece and joint. Crappy joint angle. Ice notches had tool marks. Uneven mouth piece. Pretty much everything about it that could be worse than a roor was worse than one of my roors. I bought it as a living room piece and I regret it. I ended up selling it for half what I paid just to get rid of it. Probably the worst GonG Ive ever owned.

    Im not trying to break your balls, just letting you know what was up.
  4. Ohh dude, thanks for the info. I was about to go snach that shit lol

    Now i think im just gunna cop a few Bars and oxy's, along with the dankies :D
  5. man i just bought a triple perc phire its so clean. got a sweet ash catcher to go along with it so ice on top and you cant feel anything haha. the percolaters look like mushrooms. i would say that phire is a really underrated glass company
  6. yeah i just picked up a 2 ft. single mushroom perc'd, beaker bottom phire with 6 slit diffuser. no drag and super clean hits. it was my birthday present to myself haha
  7. holy old thread batman
  8. wow , the info. is very useful.
    Thank U!!
  9. i have a 2 foot inline doulbe perc and love it to death. i'd say go for it.
  10. lol. i'm sure hes still weighing his options 3 years later

  11. LOL. too baked :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    100TH POST. :D what better time. lolol
  12. just buy it if it looks nice

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