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  1. Theory A: A person is most free when they accept death as the inevitable.
    Theory B: A person cannot be completely certain they will die.
    Theory C: There is no reason for life and life has no meaning.

    On the thinking of solipsism, people only denounce they will die from what they have felt, and what they have seen. Not any one person can prove that others exists, so there still lies the possibility that everyone else are merely thoughts and are just part of your "environment", therefore, simply because you see other people die, people that might not exist, one cannot determine they will have the same fate. It is when a person truly accepts that they are going to die, whether it be conscious thinking or not, is when a human can be truly free; body and soul.

    A shortcut to acceptance: spend an entire week believing that there is no meaning to life. In order to do this, you must be an immaculate believer with no questions asked. At the end of the week, think to yourself and see if you do not feel more of a free person, and if your outlook on life has, or hasn't changed.

    After thinking about this, I now feel as though suicides are very honorary people.
  2. ooo this one gets right down to the nitty gritty :hello:

    A: yes we all have to accept we are going to die, this is a very fundamental part of the human experience. yin yang. life death. black white.

    B: ok please explain this one a bit more in depth, im not sure where you are going with this and i dont want to make assumptions.

    C: life has no meaning or reason? the reason we are alive is to trancend this reality, expand consciousness. to escape the life death cycle and our past karma.

    its all a dream, and when we wake up from the dream we realize how naieve we were in our dream. nothing exists without ones self. if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, guess what? it didnt fall. no one was there to experience it falling. this concept may take a bit to really take hold.

    if someone can kill themselves consciously, like monks and siddhas, then i have mad respect for them. but if someone cuts their wrists or eats a bunch of pills they deserve no respect whatsoever.
  3. Well, in a sence that nothing in the future can be guaranteed, and therefore nothing in the future is certain. So all I'm saying is that theoretically death can only be observed, unless of course you yourself are the one experiencing death, by which at that moment, in accordance with the possibility that there is no afterlife, then at the moment of death, you cease to exist and cannot prove your own death, ergo; you won't know you're dead when you're dead.

    Not necessarily, everyone has their own philosophy as to the meaning of life, personally, I prefer a "lack of meaning thereof" as apposed to a substantial meaning.

    Are you furthermore implying that nothing really exists? Or possibly saying that everything that happens is an experience. If that is the case, wouldn't your theory contradict the theory of, well, anything with a "beginning" such as "evolution", as in, "how did we evolve if there was no one there to experience evolution? I presume that would suggest nothing is certain and the state of being is equally possible to be compared to the state of dreaming? But if everything is just a dream, wouldn't that mean that nothing really matters? If that were the truth, you would be contradicting yourself about the "reason we are alive is to trancend this reality, expand consciousness[...]", so your clause would be a double negative, and a double negative is a positive, so your contradictory statement is supporting my statement?????? wow.... I'll stop there.

    Absolutely not! I am referring those such as martyrs, who understand such complexities as "death" and are not afraid to open the doors to the unknown. The rising popularity of teen suicide is merely ignoramuses seeking a spotlight.
  4. - i can guarantee one thing for the future, change.

    :hello: props for sticking with your ideas.

    - the only thing that exists is 'god' which everyone reading this is, i am god, you are god. im saying that the dream/illusion is anything we see, hear, taste, smell, touch.

    - yes. if im not in the forest how could the tree have fallen? i didnt see or hear the tree fall, i didnt experience it falling. its on the ground, i can only assume it fell.

    - you said nothing was certain
    :D . and yes this state of being is equal to a dream, because someday everyone will 'wake up' and realize the truth.

    - the only thing that matters is 'waking up' from the dream and realizing that the dream was just a dream. 'waking up' is the same as trancending this reality.

    woooo im freking tired, good thread though :smoke:
  5. It is a fine thread, I must say. I appreciate the time we had to discuss such interesting philosophies.;)
  6. Some of this conversation smacks of Existentialism. I used to know a bunch about it but I haven't read anything on the subject in at least two years. Anyway, it was a very interesting philosophy, some of you might want to check it out.

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