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  1. If a person was born always feeling high, and when they smoke weed, they feel like they're sober -- would feeling sober make that person feel more normal? Or would they aquate that feeling to being high, since its different from what they've experienced all their life? Lastly, what if the world was divided into two groups; one's that experienced the world the way i feel when i'm high, and the other half that experiences the world the way i do when i'm sober! What if each different person experiences the world like a different drug, and it's never the same for each person? Maybe that's why everyone acts different
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    his normal would be high, so therefore our normals would be a different perspective for him, so you answered your own question

    and people do experience things differently, you can show a picture to 100 people and get 100 different ways to look at those "ink blots" and things
  3. There is no normal, only shades of perception.
  4. an interesting thought. to your first question, i would say the person would equate that feeling to being high. as to everyones perceptions being vastly different, i think that is actually how the world is, but to a lesser extent. people do perceive things differently, sometimes drastically.
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    first, you would have to define what being high means. Like, on cannabis or some other drug? depending on what it actually does to your body would change the way you are from other people to some degree. And the way that everyone acts is different not only between each other but in between times of your life when you're on a drug over a long period of time.
    the last question, WWII would happen
  6. its just our reality backwards, smoking his weed would get him feeling high, and not smoking weed would have him feel sober.

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