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  1. What is the mind? Generally, we associate the idea with the brain and I feel as though this creates a lot of misunderstanding.
    I want to know what people think the mind is and it's realm of influence. Is the mind a physical or non-physical entity.

  2. When I think of the mind I think of it as our soul, since the brain is physical, kinda like the brain is the hardware and the mind is the software
  3. In addition. If the mind is non-physical, does that mean our experience is derived from the interaction of the non-physical with the physical? Namely, Mind and Body.
  4. Well experiences must be felt by the body and translated to the soul, sometimes I think maybe our souls were sent into a body so we could learn how to feel and experience human pain and such, so then maybe we'd better out souls in the afterlife, I'm not sure if you're trying to make this thread go in the religiony sorta road so sorry if I went off topic lol
  5. Another import thing to note is that ideas themselves are non-physical entities. Ideas exist outside the realm of materiality. We can imagine incredible things and they exist within our mind. These things have no physical manifestation except a marker in reality, manifesting as neurons firing in the brain.
    If this realm of infinite probability exists, yet outside this physically manifest reality, why is it ignored? This is the realm of potential from which all things come. All things are first imagined and then brought into existence.
    In essence, this infinite realm exists, and within it anything and everything exists. Everything that exists in this physically manifest world is then essentially a product of this realm.
    The goal wasn't religiony lol, but it could be spiritual in a sense. I'm not sure if I believe in the sould as you describe it. As the sould itself would be non-physical, I think that it acts more as a template for form.
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    the mind, i believe, is a fused version of of both physical input (sensory), and subconscious associations with such input (past sensory).This input is then modified based on your subconscious discretion, and further diluted through one's "neuro-capacity" (your brain's own ability to handle your thoughts)
    hypothesis of mine is that "third party" influences may also be at hand (through spiritual input, one may, perhaps, affect the state of mind of another through no intent or awareness on their part). This thought is both beautiful and terrifying so i have not taken to the time to prove or disprove it.
    The mind is your sober/wake self, in it's very limited capacity; As i define it at least. To be contrasted to consciousness (all of your "raw" awareness) , which is capable of multiple realities, some of which your 'mind' cannot handle in your physical form.
    To ingest a substance or meditate, is to affect either the physical input from 'your' reality (as it differs from person to person), the neuro-limits, or the subconscious filters that are set in place. 
    These are simply the theories of youthful madman, equipped with far too much free time.
  8. I also think that mind is the combination of the physical and the non-physical.
    Time itself is constantly flowing, our consciousness always remains in the present without a body or a self, through a physical component, the present can be captured into moments and stored in the brain for the mind to access and form our subjective perception of reality.
  9. The mind connects your soul with your body.
    I was going to say that the mind is non physical, and is temporarily caught up in the physical(body/brain). But, it made me think of the soul as well, and it sounds good so im sticking with it. :smoke:
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    Subject (mind) and Object (object) - two sides, same coin. Reality, as we know it and experience it, is nothing other than a combination of will and idea (metaphysical force and phenomena); whereby, human consciousness is the awareness that one's empirical content is a subject's representation of actuality.
  11. I believe there is some sort of large pool where all possible thoughts are held.  You brain is connected to this metaphysical pool and the things you are taught throughout your life add you own translator for the pool. That pool is human consciousness.  The translator is your mind.  I'd say its like a computer basically. 0s and 1s   translated into a form you can understand.  I believe because of this people really know everything.  Its just a matter of accessing it. Maybe this means reincarnation exists.  Or in essence we really are just one person. Like the one man and the one woman who ever existed.  In different skins but the same basic soul and mind.
  12. It's the non-physical creation of all our physical functions.

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