Philosophy of a Broken Soul.

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    Hey everyone, spent the last 2 days awake, fucked up beyond beleif and i managed to wake up to this notepad. Seems i got a little creative while i was tripping and just wanted to float by everyone this song i don't even remember writing.

    Socially evicted
    Never meant to fit in like i predicted,
    I flow in a higher state of conscience, i was lifted
    I'm gifted
    Mad as a shroom trip, still persistant
    tri-ad blood and crip kill resistant

    If you don't wanna die shut up and listen,
    The world a fucked up place that we live in
    A series of chords destiny drivin
    Immortality is the answer givin
    a retreat to the beat of the universal heart beatin
    everything happens for a reason

    To see the world a way never seen before
    To eliminate the boarders of a conscience war
    The light to our darkness you'll never see
    Unless we learn to live in tranquility

    Understand the unknown, the divine and untold
    raise your hands and grow, sync in ryme behold
    the gold
    top of the podium for being bold
    Souls screaming for the answers cold
    why are we born mortal and die old
    why are we torn from echother
    why are we forced to mourn over brothers
    When will our spirits be free
    from this false reality
    life is grabbin me
    tellin me this is the way it had to be
    so sad to see
    that our destiny is
    So learn to swallow it it's eatable

    Chorus x2

    We carry on slowly killing ouselves
    every little death we commit gives us a break from hell
    As fucked up as my life is i love it
    Even tho everydays the same, been there done it
    Hapiness cries and pain we still thug it
    till it's time to leave this plain and say fuck it

    Now i'm not sayin the world ain't beautiful
    It's a miracle i'm breathin and seein but then
    theres attending a 4 year olds funeral beacause
    a pending transactions end result wasn't mutual
    The Trigger Pull
    Imprisonment of the human soul

    I dunno what to call it, rap or poetry, either way it's my first song i've ever writtin and i've learnt to find writing soothing so i'f anyone has and constructive criticism i'd love to hear it.

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