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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Tulku, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. Alright, dealing with attributes of God I have come across what I feel are some contradictions and want to know if my shit is legitimate.

    1. Concerning omnipotence, God is supposed to be all powerful yet he cannot do that which is logically impossible.

    Is something logically impossible because it cannot not be done conceivably or because it cannot be done in actuality?

    If something is logically impossible because it cannot be conceived then wouldn't God be logically impossible because he cannot be conceived?

    If something is logically impossible because it cannot be done in actuality, that is it defies some inherent law of the universe, then wouldn't God still be able to do it because he is not subject to the laws of the universe according to his own attributes?

    2. God is both creator of the universe and perfectly good. This goes right to the question of evil but that is another topic altogether.

    These are necessary attributes of God, that is, he would not be God without them. So if God is the creator of the universe, which by definition is all space, matter, and time, then he would be the creator of evil and therefore not perfectly good and therefore not God. If he is perfectly good then he could not be responsible for evil therefore he would not be the creator of the universe and therefore not God.

    The second one is obvious and well known because it goes straight to the problem of evil. The first one I just thought of (though I doubt I am the first). I just want to know if it is a legitimate argument.
  2. God has cursed and blessed us with great minds. Each mind is different. And if i remember correctly Satan, the epitemy of evil, was once an angel that god had created out of good. And with such strong minds comes great deals of emotions, one of them being jealousy. A select few angels had become jealous of man because they felt god loved them more.
    I don't know maybe i just watch too many movies.
  3. I had my question answered in class--sort of. The theologians who thought about all this stuff would merely say that God cannot do something because it can't be done. All poweful is the ability to do everything that is possible to do.
  4. actuality IS concieved. Therefore the God could not create because as a race we cannot concieve it, and therefor is not real. If we concieve something fullly, then it must be, have been, or will be in our reality, because it has been contemplated.

    When i think of the God of Judism and all its branching beliefs (christianity, which branches into mormonism, some new age, some wicca, some everything) I believe God is neither good nor evil, those are mortal values. God is a survivor. He creates for POWER, being a neutral thing unless the intent is corrupt. God has no intent, he has existance. Omnipresence is also in time, so when something is done its done retroactively

    ...or thats how i think of it
  5. u live in the western world.
    u question the all-encompassing being.
    they say it is GOd.

    God is a english word
    christian word.
    christian concept.
    christian being.

    to find the truth you must rid your mind of what they have told you.
    then listen to yourself.

    the forces that make life possible cannot be governed by the laws of physical science and matter.

    "books all say different things"
    the final authority is always yourself because only you can change your mind.

    the life-force that creates marijuana and other plants and forms of life is WITHIN YOU.
    the priest cannot tell you that he knows more than you.

    if u want u can read about physcology but all you have to do:

    live, learn, love.

    you'll be happy.
  6. faith manages

    and it is all about what goes on inside you

  7. not all my views have changed;):smoke:

    tho some have had some serious revamping!!!!!!
  8. Going retro?

  9. board.....
    and having no memory......reading the past is my only connection to it;):smoke:

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