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  1. Does any one have a philosophy degree here? If you do, and you don’t mind could you say where from?
    I only ask because I’m a government major and I have to take a humanities class, its taught by a philosophy professor. He has a Masters, and PHD all from the Midwest. Some of the stuff he tells us about. Well I can summarize it by saying; I am glad I was not high when I was there for that class. Holly ba-jesus. These theories and thoughts, how everything is linked together, man it was mind blowing. He only gave us a brief summary too maybe 20 minutes before the actual class started, it was just kinda random of modernity and morals and for some reason music got in there.
    Something that just blew my mind was Music is the Sound of the universe? WHHHHATTT??? OOoo man. I had to calm down all I could think about was pink floid and star gazing. Woah I never thought of everything like that. SO I was just wondering for those that have the degrees or are currently getting them, what’s up with philosophy? Why choose it as a major? What do you or did you mostly study to get this degree? Ethics I have no clue and am too lazy to look it up on the school's website.
    -Gov Major/Military Minor
  2. I got a AA in philosophy when I was at a junior college. I got it on accident. I took philosophy because it interested me and I finished my GE for my transfer. When I went in to the office to fill out my transfer form to a university they told me I finished all the requirements for an AA in philosophy. I did not pursue philosophy as a major at the university though.

    From what I hear, philosophy degrees are useless unless you want to be a teacher or philosopher. Its probably the most important major in the world though. It encompasses everything.
  3. No degree in philosophy as such, but I did a semester of introductory philosophy at university a decade or so ago. Covering philosophical history, philosophy of science, and logic. Then a semester of philosophy and method of social sciences.

    Though interesting, as said by Shasta, you won't get far with a philosophical degree. It might make you think, but it won't make you money so to speak :p
  4. I took an introductory philosophy class where we focused on the meaning of life. It was kind of weird because it seemed like our teacher was trying to hammer into our heads how an Omniscient, Omni-benevolent, and Omnipotent God cannot really exist according to the various arguments we studied. I'm still in college and I can take another philosophy elective for fun... I'm not really sure what is the most interesting. If I was rich I'd get a major in philosophy and take other fun classes.

    As a government major maybe you should consider taking an ethics class. It should count as a Humanities credit in most places.
  5. I like that thinking man, Im not religious but I like skeptic thinking. I'm proably going to take ethics and philosophy next semester. And like evryone was sayin there really is no money in philosophy. That would be some tight shit though man, sit around all day read about current affairs, come up with theories tiiiiggghhhttt.
    I like that, Megusta.
    I had allot of sugar today.
    Im suprised that there are not allot of philosophy degree caryin folks on this forum. I dont know mabey its just an assumption but shiiit if I could i would. :)
  6. I'm a junior in college and I've taken an introductory philosophy class, but it's not my major or anything. Technically I can still declare a minor and I was kind of thinking about philosophy but yeah it has no real use. It's an interesting subject though, kind of a combination of everything. We had to read a lot of Plato, Aristotle, and Descartes... some of the text was somewhat boring and irrelevant, but for the most part I enjoyed it. The class definitely had a lasting effect on my way of thinking.

  7. The best part about studying those ways of thinking, or those philosophers is ultimately when it comes down to others asking questions as to What is justified or Why we should do this, you have allot of answers allot. I'm not in a philosophy class, but like I said my professor teaches the class, and he said that they normally will discuss a book for a good two weeks, looking at every aspect of the arguments or theories. I think in this day and age of ignorance that we have that is a fine quality to have in a debate or in every day life when dealing with others. Fuckin A these posts make me want to get a philosophy minor. Ahaha thanks everyone! :smoke:

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