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philly's or blunt wraps

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ehmm ayche, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Okay so on the site the only time I ever hear about blunts, someone always rolled it from a gutted cigar, however, in my town we buy blunt wraps? do you guys just not have blunt wraps in the us or is it more of a preference thing?
  2. Blunt wraps are anywhere you can buy cigars here in the US pretty much. Most people just prefer dutches because they burn a lot slower than a wrap. Wraps arn't bad though I like rolling them sometimes especially since there is no mess and you don't gotta cut em.
  3. In N.Y blunt wraps are as common as phillies/dutchies etc. As you stated it is purely preference. IMO blunt wraps SUCK. I'd only use it for a nostalgic smoke, nothing beats smoking a blunt wrap just for some laughs. They SUCK. TOOO much chemicals in them, don't even know why they're legal. The tastes are soo artificial and disgusting for someone who enjoys the taste of herb. Stick to Dutches or jay paper.
  4. i always pick a cigar over a wrap, ive never had a wrap burn 20 minutes
  5. Blunt wraps are good i can deff roll a fatter blunt with a wrap than a rello but they do burn faster.

    I prefer white owl blunts There always fresh and have good flavor if thats what your into.
  6. Blunt wraps are EVERYWHERE.

    My friends and I prefer a Swisher to a blunt wrap because of the lack of added chemicals, and because it burns way slower and is overall more enjoyable.
  7. dutches or games, all day
  8. I got a quick nub question for you guys. What burns slower? A nice dutchie, or ez wider rolled twice?

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