phILLy-Zombie (Better Dayz) Click if you dare!

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  1. haha a track I did the other day one time thru, bit choppy here n there still dope tho.

    [ame=]phILLy- Zombies (Better Dayz) - YouTube[/ame]

    Wakin up to an analyst sayin zombies are animated
    Amputated grandma's hand with a blade of a fan I made It
    Outta necisity, a remedy of recipes
    Preferably the body n the head left separetely
    They ain't get the best of me,the deputy's a memory
    Body n flesh rottin shoddy thru chests of enemies
    Who's defending the men in the end of centuries
    Remember me by me empty pens and entities
    Grabbed some bandages, cannibus n a candle stick
    I can handle this runnin shit like I'm randle bitch
    Dismantle the vandles holdin handles of machetes
    Sweaty, aimed steady remained ready explodin like confetti
    its gory, back to the story, more than scary
    No ordinary area, morbid where they bury ya
    Mass infection, stabbed intestines
    Grab a weapon for armageddon or go to hell or heaven
    in a casket, undead assasins got hatches axes
    For target practice
    Screw a pistol whip I choose to inflict a cut
    So tell ya dumb bitch to stitch or fix you up
    Shit I'ma rip the cuffs and tear the chains off
    With a chain saw and explode their brains like a paintball
    They gotta appetite, stoppin at the traffic light
    Threw em half a dike, and I'll see em in the afterlife

  2. damnnn ya'll sleepin

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