philly-Shot Caller

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  1. [ame=]philly feat. Vito- Callin the Shots - YouTube[/ame]

    gram, dutches, philly's by the pack
    i could carry all of new milly on my back
    higher than tippy toes, clips likes videos
    killin roaches like im livin in a really shitty home
    pretty bitchy hoes wit really big titties tho
    forties and shorties,really feelin these witty flows
    shorties by the dozen, they ain't even fuckin
    til i get her buzzin like a bee in a oven
    your queer raps get less tips than ear wax
    you couldn't pop off like non twist beer caps
    you only shot call when ya shottin off back boards
    pockets less fat than underweight crack whores

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