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"Phillie Bombs"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by krazy92, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. So one night we were smoking a big ass fatty. We hate fucking with the roach, so we just through it in our bong and ripped it. Tasted like straight strawberrys! Got me really fucked up too.

    We decided to just get the blunt wrap, outline the bowl and fill it with herb. It was the shit.

    We call them Phillie Bombs.
  2. hmm, i guess if you like the taste, otherwise unnecessary tobacco IMO.:smoke::smoke:
  3. Main purpose is to take down the roach
  4. Unnessacary tobacco yeah, I would of just unrolled the roach and pack it into the bowl. Sounds good though.
  5. alot of the resin stays on the wrap, and the resin is the main reason roaches can really get people fucked upppp.

    or so ive heard.
  6. Its true that it is unnecessary tobacco,
    but sometimes I just like to stick the blunt strait into some glass,
    then it still feels like I'm smoking a blunt,
    which blunt > my glass IMO
  7. yeah also gets your bong smelling like death. i hope you didnt put a roach through glass man:eek: acrylic, meh they taste bad anyway but it would only make it taste worse to smoke a resinated blunt roach through it...

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