Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46

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  1. Hoffman was found dead in his New York apartment of an apparent drug overdose (needle found in his arm).
    This is pretty devastating news. Hoffman was such a brilliant actor with limitless potential. He had the power to simply take over the entire screen while he was performing. To go out at such a young age as he was finally coming into the peak of his career is a damn shame.
    For those of you not entirely familiar of his work, I'd recommend the following films to get started on:
    Charlie Wilson's War
    Synecdoche, New York (while it was quite overlooked, this is considered to be one, if not his best role)
    Pirate Radio
    The Master

  2. never heard of him or those movies...
  3. Pirate radio is honestly one of my favorite movies and no one has ever seen it. Can't believe he died. I feel like I always hear about actors dying who I've never really heard of but I thought he was a phenomenal actor and it's a shame he's dead. Any blades who haven't seen it and like classic rock should definitely take a look, has one of the best soundtracks.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. So depressed about this. I never saw a thing he was in that I didn't at least appreciate if not love, and he always seemed like just the coolest guy. My heart hurts for his family.I think I'll put on Magnolia, Cold Mountain and Boogie Nights for him tonight. RIP, brother.
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    He was in hunger games, almost famous and the talented mr ripely too. I love him. :(He was just the kind of guy you would want as a friend, it seemedSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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    oh what a bummer...hope he passed peacefully
    great actor... he was up against Jack Black for alot of roles during the start of his career
    Dude really blew me away with Capote.   Awesome actor with some very memorable roles.  

  7. In another very good film, released 2007, that he starred in, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead, Hoffman's character was shown shooting up drugs. It's ironic, and quite sad, that the actor died that way.
  8. I was a fan after 25th hour
  9. he was Brandt in The Big Lebowski. 

  10. RIP
    he was definitely one of my favorite supporting actors. i say this because he only had a lead role in a couple films.
  11. dude.... you watch movies, right??? That's one fine actor that has left this earth :( RIP , damn what a shame....
  12. Great actor, big loss. Not too many movies he's been in that I didn't like, or at least like his acting.
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    I immediately thought of that movie when I heard he died, haha. At this point I always assume drug overdose when I hear of a famous person dying.
  14. Great actor...sad he threw it all away. So much talent, surrounded by so many people....and not one single person that gives a fuck about you! Sad isn't it?
  15. Breaking news!!! Another celebrity kills themselves with designer drugs.

    Ok american public time to cry about someone you only know because you watch tv to keep yourself busy.

    Well people die all the time

    And most of the time people die without any acknowledgement except for a small part of the newspaper.

    Get over it!!!
  16. The public only cares because he was in a (few) MOVIES

    Well I know real heroes that have done a lot more than some actor die without any acknowledgement except a letter in the mail saying they are k.i.a m.i.a

    It's disgusting that some fat drug addict slob who was in a few movies can get more media coverage than people who actually deserve to be remembered
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    Certain people dying will get more attention than others dying. That's just how it is. Acting is considered an art by some, and I would say there aren't many great actors out there. If it had been the entire cast of the twilight movies dying, sure, I'd just get over it without a second thought.
  18. This is the only outcome from doing the big "H"  Stay away from that shit.
  19. Then why did you click on this thread....

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  20. R.I.P. I remember him from Mission Impossible I can't comment on his acting though

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