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Discussion in 'General' started by PhillyBlunts, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Sorry for this lame arse topic, guys.

    I am having issues finding a headshop in my area. Is there any kind of headshop directory or does anyone know of any headshops in the Philadelphia area?

    Thanks, Philly.

  2. Don't know any right in philly, but i can tell you about what's close to me:

    Wonderland (in Newark,DE and Kennett Square,PA)--record store that has backroom headshop...the Newark has some nice local heady glass for pretty reasonable price, never been to PA one.

    Frolic (in Newark,DE)-- your typical headshop...hemp gear and posters in the front, pretty large selection of softglass bongs, acrylic, rolling paper, handpipes, small selection of heady pieces, jbd's, illadelphs, and knock-off zongs.

    Flavor (in Newark,DE)-- urban clothing store in front, headshop room in back. decent selection of RooR (high prices), import pieces, soft glass bongs, cheaper end colored heady bongs, and acryilics/liquor bottle bongs.

    Good luck, hope these help if you can't find anything closer. Newark is about a 40 min drive from philly (uarts area, at least).
  3. delaWHERE, I live close to the newark area and also close to kennet and had no idea that there were that many headshops close to where, I live thanks...
  4. Me neither, it's taken me a while to find them. When i applied to UD and toured around campus...the only one i thought existed was GrassRoots...which ended up not even being a headshop, just a clothing and art glass place!
  5. The only headshop that I know is in Philadelphia is

    Wonderland in downtown philly(decent) there is also this little reggae one that is down on South St. but they just have small spoons. Other then that I would actually like to know any headshops in philly. I have heard there are one's in surrounding areas.
  6. I've been to Wonderland...beautiful glass but very pricy. And Artifax which is located on Cottman Ave. Right near the Benjamen Franklin Parkway has really nice pieces too. They are a little bit cheaper also.
  7. wonderland is at 22nd and walnut downtown. they have two levels, but not really a large selection of glass pieces, although they have some 5 foot glass bongs and shit which is cool.

    the other one is artifax on cottman ave right off the roosevelt boulevard across from the mall. they have a huge selection of pipes and shit. just be careful not to say anything drug related or both stores will throw you out.
  8. Artifax on Cottman ave just take the boulevard

    Didn't see the post above me. Yeah don't talk about weed or any weed related slang inside the place. My buddy got warned when he used the word bong. They're not bongs they're waterpipes.
  9. the reggae place do you know the other street and/or name?
    thanks for your time
  10. Pipe dreams just opened on 15th and south, stocking the whole illadelph line, as well as other awesome work.

    If you are in for a bit of travel, frolic in exton stocks Cousin jeff work, and illadelph, cousin jeff is the old jbd blower apparently.
  11. Frolic in Exton by the Exton square mall is slammin. When did pipe dreams open do you think my 16 yo cousin could get in to pick me up a peice.
  12. Pipe dreams just oppened about 2 weeks ago, and no, I do not think your cousin can get in to get you a nice piece. I havnt been there personally, but was going to do business with them because luca from illadelph reccomended using them as a medium, but the price of the piece i wanted was too much, so i went else where, but it seems very professionally run. Pat, the owner, seems to really have a head on his shoulders, so I doubt he is letting a 16yearold in.

    Just as your cousin wouldnt be able to get into Frolic.

  13. i hit them up like oince a month for 420 cleaner
  14. That's lame. Me and my friends buy pipes and shit from a convience store about an hour away. In the back they sell like pocketbongs and TONS of bowls and the guys are wicked cool. They are always baked and if no one is in the store they don't care if you talk about bud.
  15. Artifax.....was there the other day.....
  16. Hey you guys know where I can find a perc'ed illadelph around or toro?
  17. On High(LMFAO:smoke:) in westchester theres this hippie shop that has an ok selection of stuff. Its across from The Mad Platter record store.
  18. Its called Moonflower, its a small shop they have a bunch of dry pieces, bubblers scales, papers, and a small selection of slides and bongs. They are a little pricey, but they are very helpful and nice. If you wanted to make a trip i would recommend going to frolic in exton and moonflower if you wanted they are only about a 10 minute drive away from eachother
  19. Holy Smokes is in far north philly by the ne philly airport. Only been a few times but always had good experiences. Nice glass, reasonable price. If you are south of philly, id make the trip to frolic in newark, de

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