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  1. What's up? SI ranked the Eagles as the team to beat this year. A lot of sports casters are doing the same thing. Is this our year?

    Personally, I think the team looks great. I haven't liked McNabb the past few seasons, but he's looking good, healthy, and confident coming in. I think if he stays healthy, and Andy Reid puts the ball in Westbrooks hands, we could have a real shot at a parade in Philly.
  2. Division is way to hard, and no chance beating Dallas. Skins will outbeat Philly even. But thats just me, Im biased cause the Cowboys rock!
  3. He always looks healthy. :rolleyes:

  4. The key to the whole season is if McNabb can stay healthy. They have always had a contending team, it's the injuries that stop us from really being elite. Westbrook is the best small tail back, we never really had any receivers, L.J Smith is not a bad TE and both of lines aren't that bad. We should have a solid chance at the playoffs and farther.
  5. Should have kept T.O. & unloaded McNabb.

    Westbrook is the shit.

    Andy Reid? is the Frank Beamer of NFL. He can get you close...but thats about it.

    I predict my Cowboys at least win a playoff game this year LOL.
  6. Agreed. T.O. might be a little girl personality wise. But look at the Super Bowl. You have a perfectly healthy McNabb throwing up in between plays, claiming the heat was getting to him. And then T.O., back from a broken leg faster then anyone imagined, having one of the best Super Bowls for a WR in history. And they pick McNabb.

    Kolb + Westbrooke + T.O. = TKO.
  7. Eagles vs Cowboys

    Monday night.

    Now you know thats going to be a good one, a worthy Monday night match up.
  8. ^Your always right Davy.

  9. I'm sorry, but the Eagles are just choke artists... And don't blame injuries - as it's only McNabb that usually gets injured - and when he's out that's when they start winning, LOL!

    Eagles are not the team to beat this year... Cowboys are. Especially since Brady is out. Dallas is the only team that even came close to matching NE's stats last year, so yeah... Sorry Eagles fans - but your team ain't winnin the super bowl this year - just like they haven't the last 5.

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