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  1. Roach started this so I thought I'd send the newsletter from Donahue's site that tells about him tackling the legalization issue.

    Roach, I think you may have started the revolution!!!!!!

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    Donahue Daily Update

    Monday, July 29th, 2002

    It's being called a "miner miracle" in Pennsylvania, as families and friends celebrate the inspired rescue effort which delivered nine miners from death this weekend. Phil gets the full story from the miners themselves.

    Also tonight, Phil tackles the topic of marijuana. Should pot be legalized as medicine? Or should it be just plain legal? Former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey says absolutely not. Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM) says why not? Phil cuts to the chase with both.

    Then we'll look at a San Francisco proposal to grow pot on regulated government land, and we'll also talk to the man who's pushing for a constitutional amendment to allow possession of up to three ounces of marijuana. Plus, Phil hears the personal story of a former Reagan press secretary who witnessed firsthand the medical benefits of marijuana during his daughter's losing battle with cancer.

    Issues that matter. Tonight on Donahue at 8pm and 11pm EST on MSNBC.

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