phenotypes are real

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  1. both seeds are same strain same breeder [ cherry pie] now that the stretch is about over [ hopefully ] one plant grew taller and thinner with less fan leaves the other is way bushier and stacking fat so far i flipped at 38 inches and the tall one just hit 60 today I wonder which phenotype will give me the most ? both were trained the same and each has its own light same light same everything IMG_20221122_141103037.jpg IMG_20221122_141122830.jpg IMG_20221122_141136052.jpg IMG_20221122_141139644.jpg IMG_20221122_141221934_HDR.jpg
  2. holy crap! phenotypes are real!!

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  3. I always knew that but I have always either grown from clone or single seeds lol
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. same phenotype.(strain) just unstable sisters if they were stable they would be twins
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  6. Or is it a cultivar with a chemo type?:huh:

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