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  1. I know my dog takes these for seizures but my dealer asked me if I wanted to buy some today I was like wtf? can you use these recreationally?
  2. hmm, never heard of it used recreationally, haha. I would hit up erowid though, head4life. They might have some information.
  3. Hmm, Sounds like a drunk stupor feeling. Could be interesting, but I wouldn't do it alone.

  4. I would if I just knew what dose to take
  5. I'd try any barby
  6. I have 3 of the 32mg pills just odnt know how much to take

    always wondered why my dog always acted drunk/high now I know!
  7. im debating taking one and seeing what happens I looked everywhre can't find a thing

    anyone even heard of someone taking these?
  8. downed a 32mg pill 10 mins ago I will keep this updated let you guys know what happens
  9. It should be easy to figure out. How much does your dog weigh? How much does your dog take? If your dog's between 60-80 lbs id say it'd be safe to take all 3, but maybe stick to 2. Assuming your a full grown man that is.
  10. im 235lbs 6'3" I just did 1 ill see if anything happens if not ill take more

    my dog takes 1 32mg pill 2 times a day
  11. feeling buzzed right now idk im feeling something feel super happy almost like I had a couple beers
  12. 4:10pm central just downed another
  13. Have a drink or two to give it a boost.
  14. all the alcohol I had is already gone im a drinker

    I just downed another pill I feel pretty tired not high or anything buzzed and tired is pretty much it
  15. phenobarbital will just kinda knock you out n make you wanna fall asleep, kinda like seroquil

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