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  1. What size containers do you guys use for pheno hunts? I've been using 7's but I'm thinking about downsizing into 2's or 3's so I can run more strains, and the 7's take up a lot more room. Don't really care about yields for pheno hunts, just want some keeper plants. What do yall blades do?
  2. i dont really mess with that anymore for a lot reason but 3-5 gallon high quality plastic was my go to. a lot less material and for a pheno hunt you should be able to accomplish the mission with 3g for what would end up being a ~60 day grow cycle. using plastic also makes it extremely easy to transplant if you would want to keep one growing to maturity in a larger container.

    that'ose are my thoughts. hth's
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  3. I've flowered plants in 1 gallon pots for making seeds. Small yield of course but for the pu rpose of sampeling a few buds 1-2 gallons should do the trick.
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  4. This is great to know, thanks. I have 1's and 2's now but I may grab some 3's as well. You can never have enough containers. The plastic seems to be a much better option with the smaller plants. Definitely would be a major pain in the ass to water smaller fabrics every day.

    Awesome. I bought lots of beans because Ace's catalog reads like a pot head's wet dream. I've never pollen chucked before, but I have a few standards, purple satellite, violeta, and zamaldelica. Great potential for some nice hybrids. About to flower some golden tigers and tikal in 7 galloners soon.

    Thank you guys. I appreciate your input. :)
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  5. Nice! I have two zamaldelica that I just started about a month ago, still haven't checked sex on them though.
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