Phelps Wont Be Charged.

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Devilsmoke1, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I read this on the msn homepage on fox sports section. apparently not enough evidence against him. but yet, 8 other people are getting charged. ridiculous
  2. fuck that

    phelps is a champ!!!!! congrats im glad he didnt get in trouble
  3. yea, and also in the article it said he was smoking out of a marijuana pipe. those idiots cant even get the proper term right
  4. he is a fucking pussy, fuck him
  5. He should have gotten lethal injection
  6. He should have stood up for what is right instead of conforming to what society wanted.
  7. When our own President says, "Yeah I inhaled, that was the point," I'm not sure Michael Phelps throwing away all his endorsement money is going to change much. :rolleyes:
  8. According to the university of Massachusetts Phelps trains in bong water. Giving him his obvious advantage against the competition. Hahahaha
  9. Phelps charges being dropped and the other 8 staying is ridiculous. What a pussy for leaving everyone else to dry after his shit got dropped. Hero? I think not, he is a soulless fuck that just happens to be a fantastic swimmer.

    Kellogs has already dropped his endorsement and say that it won't be taken back. He took the cowards way, it confuses me how he can be an olympian and such a coward.
  10. Holy shit. He smoked a phat RooR. Big fucking deal. Get over it.

  11. They are also the assholes who sold the photo for 100,000. I would have left those idiots as well.
  12. The house he was at got raided on a later date, and they still had contraband with them. That's why they're getting busted and phelps is not. He has no marijuana in his possession, so there is nothing they can charge him with. Having smoked pot in the past is not a crime.

    But honestly who cares, he should of stood up for stoners, but he didnt... isnt there anything better for us to talk about?
  13. i guess those 8 people wont be charged after all.
  14. Hell yeah!
    It's sad that ANYONE has to get arrested in this matter.. It's just ganj yo..
  15. so just because he's amazing at swimming that makes him above the law?

    so if I come up with some theory or determine how the universe was created I can smoke all the weed I want?

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