Phelps is the Key to Opening the Eyes of the World

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    This is something I posted in another thread earlier today, and it gave me an idea.

    If we use this opportunity to somehow persuade Phelps to speak out about marijuana, the world's views on marijuana would be greatly changed.

    So, for all of you activists out there, write Phelps a letter persuading him to speak to the world about pot. Ask him to organize a press conference, write about it in a personal blog, or maybe even post a YouTube video listing some facts. Any action of the sort would cause an uproar within the media and change society's biased and ignorant views on marijuana.

    So please, take some time out of your life to write to Phelps about how he should voice the truth about marijuana. He doesn't have to smoke anything as it would interfere with his passion for swimming, but simply talking about it can help us all out.

    Mail to:

    Michael Phelps
    P.O. Box 1734
    Olney, MD 20830-1734


    c/o Octagon
    2 Union Street, Suite 300
    Portland, ME 04101

    (note: Bottom address was not listed on the official site. Typing a letter and sending a copy wouldn't hurt though. :))
  2. No offense but all this Phelps activist bs isnt gonna do anything. I'm sure he takes his career much more seriously than the legalization of marijuana which is why he already apologized and all that bullshit. Seriously whats done is done theres nothing we can do but keep on rollin
  3. If Phelps is truly passionate about swimming and isn't in it for the sake of money, he can always be persuaded. Because he won't be smoking anything, he can still enjoy competing as an Olympian.
  4. I back you on that man. I have a decent car ride tom. where I can pen a letter out.
  5. If you're writing just one letter, make sure to mail it to the first address. I'm not 100% sure about the second one. :)
  6. Will do. I'll just make a copy on the machine.
  7. once he is retired from swimming i think there is a better chance ... not when hes still in his prime tho

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