Phavorite Pharms?

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  1. What are your guys favorite pharms? Mine are hydrocodone and oxycodone! vicodin ftw
  2. Adderall, desoxyn, demerol, dilaudid, fentanyl, barbs, klonopin and soma.

    No question bout it.
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    klons, xanex, hydros, oxys, aderall, mepergan, , dilaudid!!! those are my favs i cant remember more im too "clouded" heh..
  4. how similar is desoxyn to meth?
  5. desoxyn is pharmecutical grade meth, hence why I like it.
  6. dilaudid,oxys,benzos,and so many more but to lazy to type
  7. when you say pharmaceutical, would that mean it's better or a comparable high?

    is it just as addicting? they're both methamphetamine but it seems weird it would be used as a medicine since it's fucked alot of people over
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    its EXTREMELY high purity. that can be a big factor in the decision.

    also IIRC its used in pill form (i guess lol) for weight loss shit for really fat people.
  9. It's pure meth inside a pill.. And meth is meth, street shit is just god awfully impure.
  10. o snap. so fat people get to get sped the fuck up like that for free with proper health insurance..... lol
  11. Klonopin, Soma, Dilaudid, Fentanyl, Adderall, Xanax, Temazepam, Oxy/Hydrocodone.

    theres probly tons more, but those are my pharms of choice.
  12. Yeah but since they're so fat it doesn't do anything but make them not want to eat.

    You have to be like U-Haul truck sized to get desoxyn, or have horrible narcolepsy.
  13. isnt that when you fuck dead people?
  14. it's amazing how the body overrides the high but keeps the hunger down lol. they could use that for the fattest man in the world in mexico
  15. lol no that's necrophilia. narcolepsy is a sleep disorder of sorts lol
    you confused them i'm trying to hold my laughter in from the bluntness of your statement hahaha how high are you
  16. shit.
  17. Thats going in my signature
  18. i think i might too, i was considering it haha
  19. oxy




  20. oxycontin, k-pins, Kadian morphine, dilaudids and thank god for suboxone.

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