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    Here's a random speech for yall to enjoy :hello::

    Ambition...our fuel for survival...

    Most humans share a common quest:
    To be the "leader of the pack"... Three different types of ambition can be attributed to one through self-reflection and deep thought.

    1. Physicality: The quest to become the most powerful human of a given tribe/hood is perfectly natural. This behaviour is reflected in other animals [ie: deer fights] in turf war. Becoming the alphamale supposedly results in infinite happiness :devious:, a sense of omnipotency [all powerfulness] and respect among fellow humans. People in this category tend to be confident and strong. {For example: athletes (like that bong hittin' michael phelps) and gangstas}

    2. Intellect: Since humans are the smartest animals, many people naturally strive to be known as the genious of the colony/valedictorian. One may choose to pursue this title in order to gain respect as an intelligent/authoritative figure, giving advice to "inferiors". Look at King Louis X1V: he had over 500 servants per meal :eek:[as a result of his ambition-provoked political actions]. Professionals (ie: architects, novelists) spend much time pursuing this goal, usually to have their name remembered/leave a legacy.

    3. Passiveness: Technological advances & wealth have become so intense, that many people whom feel secure & content prefer to ignore the future and focus on the past or present (w/out having to worry about consequences in life) :eek:. For instance, after retiring, a policeman will enjoy the rest of his life, eating donuts & reflecting on the power he had over others {while he enjoys the consequences of his past authority [$] } Thus, this category is mainly for those who have sufficient wealth/respect/intellect to depend on, and do not feel required to reach higher.

    However, even this category is ambitious to a certain degree. These humans are seeking consistency/the goal to accept and continue life as it is.

    If ambition is what inspires us to survive on this earth... then perhaps it is the meaning of life?
  2. ambition can simply be the desire and will to go through with your intentions/goals...nothing trivial about it really
  3. Leader of the pack drive and attitude is the biologically innate state and the chief biological imperative.

    Ambitionless unconditioned unseperate existence is the metaphysically, broader innate state beyond biology and biological life.

    Ambition and normal human imperatives occur as "the purpose/meaning of life" when ones consciousness relates living-ness and being on this side of biological death as "life". When the consciousness realizes that life is beyond life and death, it is eternal, and that the opposite of death is not life - it is birth, then ambition dies and one does not see the biological imperative as the purpose of ones existence - but realizes the purpose of existence itself - existence of existence itself beyond life and death.

    "Beyond life and death" does not feel like an abstract concept, it becomes real and is felt in every moment even while biologically alive.

    Ambition and drive might be the purpose when one is identified with ones biology and might be the purpose of biology, but they are not the purpose of existence.

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