Phat Deal Amazing Weed

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by pyrotec420, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. *cough* *cough*.. *sound of crickets in an open field*..
  2. /looks around..
  3. pyrotec420 man its abazaba420 looked into here agian and found ya good shit ...... good times cotten wood old school bong hoots 4 life peace
  4. : : :tumbleweed rolls by: : :
  5. *cough* *cough*
  6. Sound of a goose flying by........

    ...... *cough*
  7. froggy cleans his bong waiting for some comments...never know when u will have guests
  8. *a rustle of leaves*

    *something stirs in the woods*

    *out steps bud stuffer with a bag of joints*

    lets get this party going.

    *passes a joint to everyone present and looks for more people, rolled too many joints*
  9. *takes one of bud stuffers extra joints, light up and passes around*
  10. Takes the joint that hippie john is passing around, tokes, holds it in...................

    exhales.... tokes... passes it on....

    nods head, smiles and looks at the cloud covered sky......
  11. wow.
    this is a rather awkward thread
  12. pass that shit over here
  13. awesome plant..

    jack herer times ?????
  14. sry, SuperJack

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