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  1. check them out, there really sick

    one of the songs u gota check is drop, soo sick u'll get the tittle when u hear the song, and back in the day
  2. hell ya man pharcyde is titeeeeee!!!
    u guys gotta check out "soulflower" and "soulflower remix"
    they're so funky man
  3. Dude, I loooove the Pharcyde. They are sooo fucking talented. :D
  4. and personally id say "bizarre ride II" is their best album. to me, that's pharcyde at its funkiest. i liked labcabin california a lot too, but bizarre ride just had that old school funkiness feel to it. i havent heard their newest shit, but i heard from friends that they're trying too hard to follow the mainstream and it just doesnt sound right.
    funkiness is the way to go!
  5. i enjoy them a lot as far as hip hop goes... they played a free show with the Bouncing Souls here last week.. interesting combination? yes... it was pretty fun

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