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  1. i stumbled on this site and i noticed you can buy 1mg xanax and 10mg valium and i just wanted to know if it looked legit. I dont want dea people showing up at my door haha
  2. your best bet is not going through these "internet pharmacies"

    like r_m said in another thread, if it's too good to be true, than... well you know the rest:wave:
  3. Some are legit, I'd kill to find the one that is. There are also online 'doctors' who prescribe things for a 'fee'. I don't know where to find either but most are scams.
  4. id like to try this but i dont want to put too much information into it if its sketchy, could i have legal backlashes from this?
  5. Most websites offer cheaper meds, you usually need a prescription before you can get it.
  6. hmmm yeah, i did read something about that. i went through the ordering process and got as far as inputing my credit card and shipping info and didnt go any farther so im not sure.

  7. Interesting.

    Does anyone have any experience with anything like this? Is it really legal in America, for example, for me to obtain a legit prescription online that will allow me to order scheduled drugs, have them sent to my home, and ingest them without fear of legal BS?
  8. A friend of mine bought 100 1mg Xanax online... never asked him where, though, regretfully.

    He's not exactly computer smart either, so I expected him to get ripped off... but all I can say is we took a lot of xanax :)
  9. I'd be more worried about scams than legal aspects. As I said there are tons of online doctors that will prescribe you something, without ever seeing your, just from a symptoms list.
  10. I've heard of people picking up their pills and then getting charged with a felony or something like that

    those internet pharmacies are way too sketch for me
  11. it is kind of sketchy, im a little worried about trying it out. i am interested in the legal aspects though.

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