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  1. Haha, yeah that is who I was referring to. His buds exploded like crazy in no time at all! Haha

    Can't wait to run a scrog!!
  2. ive tried but cant figure out how to work the back
  3. Veg update:


    GSC over 3ft from the light and shaded by a larger plant and still no stretching


    Golden Goat Re-Veg


    Some more GSC hiding underneath


    Then the big BPV, can't wait to clone this girl. There is hundreds of clones under that canopy, she is just solid all the way thru! Amazing plant! She is gonna be what I try my first scrog with.

    What is it you mean by work?
  4. Reachin the back plants for prunin and lollipopin and watering was thinkin of using a big tub with soil and a few girls in the same soil but i dont know just know i wont try again till i figure a few things out
  5. My shirt for 1425153803938.jpg
  6. OHHHH you mean SOG, multiple plants! I was wondering! I'm going to be using a 30gal pot and will be placing one plant in and training her to the size of the screen and then flipping to flower. So there will only be one plant to manage.
  7. That's an amazing shirt haha! I've heard so many great things about the vault. Whenever I feel comfortable ordering seeds I'll definitely have to give then a look!!
  8. 💡duh...makes so much more sense,now is scrog one plant in a screen and sog is more then one in a screen?
  9. thats where i was before i otdered from them i have now gotten two orders from jack and am over the fears it is so easy broi swear i put it off out of fear and look back and laugh...
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    I may be wrong but it was my understanding that a SOG (Sea of green) was taking multiple plants and placing them in the designated area. Vegging them till you have a nice full canopy then flipping to flower. No screen needed (can be used tho and I guess now is preferred)

    Then SCROG (Screen Of Green) was taking one plant and slowly training her to fill the say 4x4 screen and flipping to flower. This way you've got less maintenance and lower plant numbers with much higher yields. Just takes a bit longer to veg them due to the training. But as I said I could be wrong!

    :EDIT: Now that I think about it tho, perhaps using a SOG method with the screen cuts back on that veg time needed. As you can just train the few tops to fill out the screen as apposed to a whole plant! So I guess its optional to user needs haha
  11. no my misunderstanding and my problem ...would be much easier to do one hahahah not the six i did ! In one screen lol
  12. smells like fruity mango with a hint of the seeds from herbies
  13. my biggest and best harvest to date was gc for sure!
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    Thanks bud
    51 days ..i read 42-49 days  and then i was  thinking the 70...seeds from Herbie's   space is small 2'x2'x5' is Deep Cheese that is actually growing well..thank god and the fungus gnats have lost the war.. these plants are only 12" inches i said they were stunted from a UFO that didnt do anything for veg..i just put it back in the box..pretty looking but doesn't grow plants
    only thing i gave this plant is RO water for the last 2 weeks..anything worth adding this late?.. i love learning
  15. Ive seen gianormous scrog trees..but the mendo boys on youtube grow redwoods  :p :)
  16. I flipped the lights to 12/12 on 1/11/15  i counted 52 on today..i could be wrong,but i counted from the firdt sight of flower ,most of the pistils are amber now
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    I've never seen a SOG with a screen. My understanding of SOG was to keep a very short veg time by having lots of plants, usually cuts from the same mother, and the result would be a Sea of Colas without many if any branching and side buds. I don't think a SCROG is limited to just one plant, but is defined by training the plant or plants underneath the screen until 80% is filled allowing the remaining 20% to be filled during the initial stretch in flowering. 
    Edit: My current grow started out as a SCROG but I underestimated how branchy my SK would get and it just turned into a skeletal support.
  18. Sorry bout the s-witch..back on the track..
    subbed back on
  19. Was wondering what happened to ya! However I think the issue with why your buds haven't been forming properly or finishing up. Is due to the fact that your started "flushing" with R/O water 4-5 weeks before the plant was done. In my experience I have had nothing but issues using R/O with my soil! I don't know much about your setup tho so I can't be certain but it sure seems like the case. Try posting your pictures every 3-4 days and I'll let you know when to cut if you'd like.

    Thanks for those pics IH! I'm glad I had somewhat of a correct idea. I know you can do multiple plants in a scrog just meant for that description purpose to make explaining easier.

    VENOM!!! Need an update man!! Gonna go snap some pictures and get an update here for you guys as well. Hope all has been well with everyone out there!

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