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  1. Ive finally decided I'm going to be a pharmacist. I've been told its very challenging and hard but I'm going to do the best I can to take on the challenge because it will be rewarding. Any pharmacists or current college students on here, could you explain what pharmacy school is like in detail so I have a real idea of what I'm getting myself into?
  2. Uhm all I have to say Is I hate pharmaceuticals for ruining lives. Although they helped many, they've ruined many too
  3. Math.....lots and lots of math

    Good luck
  4. chemistry is a huge part
  5. My sister has been a pharmacy tech so long she basically can do most of a pharmacists job and she likes it but that's all I really know.
  6. I know it's all math and science and a lot of it. I'll have to be taking 17 hours of credits a semester.

    I used to think thy ruined lives but honestly that's just antidepressants and a few others. But when I'm doing my job, I'm rarely going to prescribe them and keeping good tracks of people's use.
  7. dawg ur going to have to go pre-med:

    1 year of calc
    1 year of chem
    1 year of bio
    1 year of organic chem
    1 year of physics

    u up for that dawg?
  8. Be prepared for 8 years of hell is all I can say. And like that one guy said about pharmacy tech. You can do that in 2 years I think, but the salary is nothing compared to a pharmacist.

    You can either go into an undergrad program specifically designed for pharmacy- pre pharm. or you can get a bachelors in biology or chemistry or something similar and go to med school.

  9. :laughing: you don't prescribe them shit, you give them what the doctor prescribes them
  10. I'm currently pursuing my undergraduate degrees in botany and biochemistry.

    I plan on doing something pharmacy related after my 3 years are up (I'm on honors track...double major in 3 years, 21 credits/semester). But, that could change by the time I'm actually done so I don't entertain the thought too much.
  11. My aunt is the dean of pharmacy at university of Chicago and she's wrote 2 textbooks, if that help.
  12. I'd go crazy being around all those unmentionables all day:(
  13. i was thinking about doing it then i realized i fuckin hate math. though it really doesn't seem like you would actually need that much math to fill a prescription lol
  14. yea there's is some for sure money in that least you don't have to worry about getting raided,

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