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Phantom Vibrations

Discussion in 'General' started by Liam87, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. We've all felt them right? Phone in pocket starts vibing, pull it out only to find no message, no missed call, nothing. What I'm wondering is, do you suppose this phenomena is completely psychological or is the phone throwing out random vibes?
  2. Ive had that happen, its wierd as fuck. I guess your not the only one.
  3. Well, sometimes I've realized that it was my sweater zipper line running across my jeans when I'd stand up, and I'd always think my phone was vibrating. Other times, it can be as simple as your jean pockets being rippled and when you stand up they skid across your thigh making you feel as if something vibrated.
  4. I have felt my phone buzz, would go to grab it and my phone wouldnt even be in that pocket.
  5. That's definitely psychological lol. I wonder though if there's any cases of phones throwing out random vibes cuz sometimes I'm so certain I feel a vibe I'm floored when I find nothing lol..
  6. I hate those phantom vibrations. It's probably a signal the phone companies are beaming into our head telling us to look at our phones.
  7. i thought i was the only one...
  8. Hmmm...maybe you're on to something. I don't disbelieve anything. o_O
  9. It seems to be a pretty common phenomena.
  10. Yeah happend to me too, but when it actually vibrates I never feel it...
  11. That used to happen a lot sometimes on my leg.

    I now keep my phone in my jacket pocket or lay it down and it hasn't happened in months..
  12. ive never had any of those things happen

    i just think there is something wrong with you people,
  13. Neat.
  14. Everyday i goto work i feel vibrations in my right pocket all day.

    In public, I like to hold my pax up high in the air and scream "i have the powerr!!!"
  15. noooo theres obviously something wrong with you cause you're the only one that hasn't :p
  16. yup. sometimes its an email though
  17. When my phone is not in my pocket, I feel it vibrate when I get a text!

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