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  1. Well I picked up the phantom vaporizer from the local headshop.

    Phantom Digital Vaporizer - Aromatherapy Air Freshener on Sale @

    All in all i was really just blown away how this volcano knockoff could be 400 dollars cheaper, and it comes with the same bowl and valve pieces, so i said fuck it and bought it.(if i want to pick up a volcano later i only need to buy the base)

    After testing it it works, the bag fills up into clouds, the 2 issues about this is that the bags are not durable I went through all 5 bags in 3 days,(picking up some volcano bags 2day) . and the digital thermometer is a joke(I kinda assumed it was being a 250 dollar vape) it basically just runs on a timer and 200-400 is just its "heat settings".

    going to the headshop to buy some volcano bags, which should make this vape worth the money.

    final words: it obviously isnt a volcano and i know this, but for 250 dollars its a vape thats up and running in 5 minutes and you can throw a vape filled bag around your house and have a pretty volcano like experience.
  2. Why spend 250 on a Chinese junk knock-off bag vape when you could have bought a legit bag vape like an HerbalAire or an Extreme Q for the same amount of money, or arguably the best whip vape in the market like the Silver Surfer or the most efficient vape on the market like the Purple Days.

    Did you spend 250 bucks on this just because it LOOKS like a 'Cano? Really?
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    This is a prime example of..Getting what you pay for..

    i feel like that whole vaporizer is going to melt from the inside out..its looks all plastic..and i mean your bags have already been gone through (5 in 3 thats not good) think about whats going in your lungs..

    Next time please research.

    Zephyr Ion would of been a better choice.

    but if your happy with your purchase....disregard everything above.

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  4. So...Ive had bronchitis for like over a week and havent been able to smoke without hacking up my lungs, so I decided to buy my first vaporizer.

    Knowing nothing about them I rushed to my local smoke shop after work and picked up this same vaporizer. Phantom...

    im not really concerned that I bought a shitty quality vape, but rather the if its safe to use. Ive read that some cheap quality vaporizers like this may contain hazordous materials, such as lead or alluminum.

    But according to this link i shouldnt be worried right? because the hottest ill be cooking is at 400*F...

    Melting and Boiling Temperatures - Evaporation and Melting Heat

    correct me if im wrong...i just wanna know if this things safe.
  5. Thank you for the review! very grateful :bongin:
  6. If you run out of vape bags, go buy some turkey bags (not jumbo turkey bags, unless you want to wait 2 minutes for the bag to fill up) from the grocery store. Cut the orange mouth piece from the old broken bags and put it on the turkey bag. Put rubber bands around the mouth piece and the bag so it's sealed. They are way cheaper, work JUST as well, and they don't make that annoying crinkling noise, lol.
  7. i agreed with(blackbur)

  8. I actually just bought this vap today. I paid about $175.00 after tax. I got to say it works great. It really isn't that janky. Has me feeling good about now. The bags seem to be working just fine. I don't know if they come with different ones now or not but I have a feeling the 1st one will last me quite some time. Considering it does the trick, I don't see why you would pay so much more for a slightly superior product that does the same exact thing. To each their own I suppose.
  9. hows the warranty on it?

  10. And where do you send it in if it breaks.
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    1 year warranty. I am not sure where to send it, but the lady at the headshop shop said the receipt is my warranty, so I assume I return it there. Also, I would have to say the OP was incorrect in saying it has a timer for a thermostat. it definitely seems to have a digital thermostat though what do I know. :D Also, it definitely comes with what seem to be authentic Volcano fittings which I am sure are just really good knock offs. The quick fitting works just like a Volcano's, heck it is an exact copy of one's.

  12. Could you try to find out. It would be great information to have for anyone thinking about purchasing this vape.
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    Just edited my original post. I think I bring it back to the store you purchased it. That is what I will do if it fails in the next year, and I will either get a new unit or a refund trust me. :)

    EDIT: Also, to my dismay this product can be found for $99 online. Now you can't go wrong with that for sure!

    Seems like a legitimate company as well.

    Of course that is with no warranty. I think the warranty I have is through my headshop to tell you the truth because there is no warranty registration card or number to call at all.

  14. Well, let's hope that you don't have to fix it.
  15. I fit breaks I bring it back. Reputable head shop. I am not worried. It does seem like it is made well, I understand the concern about the plastic, but I left it on without the fan for 20 minutes and the plastic isn't even warm. Though I am going to have to withdrawal my comment about it having a digital thermo though. It does seem to get the herb to smoke quite a bit more (still good vapor) once you warm it up. Actually I prefer to let it warm up a bit now. So to cap it off. Is it jankier than a Volcano? Most definitely. Does it serve the same purpose in the end? I believe so. Worth the price considering the drastic price difference between the two? I would sure think so. That's my honest opinion for what it is worth. I found it for $75 cheaper online and am still happy with the purchase, if that says anything.
  16. $250>$175>$99...

  17. What color is your cashed bud when you're done with it?
  18. It is still a light green / brown. i can run a good chopped bowl through at least 4 times usually more.
  19. Just bought it today. Used the volcano before and I have to say the phantom is a good knock off. Im very happy. I paid 149.99 here in my town.
  20. I just bought a Phantom Vape and I only paid $140.00 tax and all. For the $$ I love it!

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