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  1. I'm trying to find a local store that carries ph up and down. I called English Gardesn ( a local gardneing shop) and he told me to get lime and sulfer. He said he carried the liquid bottles for ponds and stuff. When I asked him if that would work for growing plants in soil he said no. Is this true? and where/what can I buy locallyl to raise and lower the ph of my water for a good grow.
  2. Im taking you dont have a local hydro store? They are more catered to growers like us lol :D

    By lime I think he was refering to dolomite lime which is a soil additive that helps keep your ph neutral. Im not so sure about that sulfur (Ive never heard of it so I would say no).

    If you dont have a shop near by I suggest either driving or getting on the internet and ordering some (ph up and down isnt that sketch imo coming through the mail/ you can always use a prepaid card)

    I would NOT recommend using things like baking soda and vinegar for up/down substitutes.
  3. I do have a grow shop near by but if you havent noticed their stuff is usually at least twice as much as other stores. I dont know for sure but at 18 bucks online for ph plus and minus I bet it is at least 35 or 40 bucks there. The stuff you can get at pet stores or gardning stores is like 7 bucks. I know all my options just wondering if the stuff used for ponds is good for soil. I'm pretty sure it is I would just like an experienced grower to confirm. Thanks for the reply though, they are hard to come by on this board.
  4. Well ill put it this way...there is a reason the guy said it was for ponds right? And I know for a fact that experienced growers use hydroponic grade ph up/down for their plants because it is the BEST choice...
  5. is ordering online not an option?

  6. I grow hydro; but from my readings and such you can still use the standard pH up and pH down that you can pick up from the petstore (same for ponds too).


    But you do not add the pH up or down to the soil; but to the water prior to watering. From what I remember you also read the pH of the runoff water too to get the best sense of what the pH is in the pot itself.
  7. Exactally what I figured but was just looking for confermation. Thank you .

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