Ph(X) Trinity VS. Per(X)

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has used either of these bongs. I am going to buy one within the next few weeks and I want to know which is better. I know the PHX is about $275 new and the PerX is only $170. I am looking for a bong that gives wicked smooth hits. The Perx website disses the PHX pretty badly saying that it is over priced and what not.

    Any insight on these things would be good!

    I have hit many bongs before including many Triple perculated ones I'm just not sure if the trinity is worth another 100 bucks when I could spend that money and put a nice A/C on the Perx.

    I am also open to other suggestions of high quality bongs like these.

    Thanks guys.
  2. idk id go with phx out of the two, never heard of perx but definitely sounds like a phx rip off. remember your paying more for the quality of the glass.
  3. both are good, per(x) worked with Ph(x) and then decided to make his own shit... both good quality
  4. i've never hit a per(x) so i guess i'm biased, but every time i've taken even a snap out of a ph(x) ive gotten super baked

    maybe it's just positive association but w/e

    id go ph(x)
  5. per(x), no doubt. PHX have always seemed like really janky tubes to me. three dome percs on a tube and she's gonna be a huge drag queen. the per(x) tube is a lot cheaper, has the illest diffy i've ever seen (521 will back me up, hahah), and the single dome perc is not only designed better, but there's only the one so it'll hit a lot nice in my opinion.
  6. I have the PH(x) Trinity and i fuckin love it is sturdy as hell and rips great
  7. if you aren't a vag you can drag through 3 percs without any problems. My roommate has a PH(X) trinity, the three foot triple perc with a downstem, splashguard, a/c - everyone one of us can rip and clear a FULL MILKED three foot tube of smoke and it goes down disgustingly easy. Most times you will exhale and not start coughing until 30 seconds later because the hit itself was SO smooth. All it takes is a little practice..
  8. Get the perx, i had the same one $170 1 dome style perc. Its a good bong, especially for the price PHX is over priced junk.
  9. I wouldn't get either of those, but if I were too...I'd get the cheaper one

  10. i'm sure i could i could rip your "three foot triple perc with a downstem, splashguard, a/c" while it's TOTALLY MILKED BRAH, but it's just not going to be a very nice toke.
  11. Take it from me, the PH(x) trinity is a beautiful device becasue ive owned one. But for a lot loess money you can purchase a piece that is almost exactly as good as the PH(X), so id say go with the cheaper one and save the extra 100 to buy a quater of dnk to smoke it in your new bong.

  12. WOW. FUCKING IMPRESSIVE. Besides all that, dirt is right, the 2 dome perc'd trinity's(have one) drag HARDCORE. Everyone can clear a draggy tube cheif, it just depends if u want to be working ur tail off to get the smoke in ur lungs.
  13. ^^Damn, dude. That might have been legible if there was some punctuation.

  14. So true everyone could clear the PH(x) trinity except for a few girls who had never smoked and didn't know how a bong worked lol. Its really smooth and as far as the drag goes...any three foot bong with a diffuser and three percs will have some drag but u get used to it easily and u can hit any other bong after that like a pro.. because it teaches u how to better use your lung capacity. Most of those foot and a half roos i can milk twice in one breath now.

    Another great thing about the three foot tube is if you pack a tight bowl...because the tube is so big.. u can take the air out of the tube faster than te bowl will let it come in which pressurizes the tube and the smoke just comes in on its own.. Thata right inhale real ard for like 5 seconds then close your mouth and chill for 10 while the pressure in the tube sucks the air in and fills the chamber for you!! :bongin: then prepare for an epic hit that is as smooth as a babies ass.
  15. thats the whole point dude.... that's what drag is.... either having to pull very hard to clear it or it takes 10 seconds to clear (if you pull regularly). IMO you should never buy a low quality-big bong.... Low quality small bongs are useable, but once you get to a 3 foot PHX you are pulling your brains out.

    Don't try to shit talk me because my friend had that exact PHX and it blows lol. Sorry to be harsh but i am being honest..... That PHX broke because my friend threw a lighter at it............ a lighter shattered a bong................ terrible........
  16. PH(x) is a cheaper bong that is tru but why, because it doesn't have any uneccessary fancy artwork on it. Because it doesn't say Roor on it well i bet if it did say roor on it it would cost $1000. Its stupid to talk all this shit because atleast if you google PH(x) you get pictures of a bong lol. google "per(x)" or "per(x) bongs" and you don't get shit
  17. Yeah, a RooR Triple Perc with the 5 arm Tree percs (a far superior design to the dome percs) is $450 - $500. Definitely not $1000.
  18. A Roor triple perc with trees for 450-500? Not likely. You'll be hard pressed to find a Roor Icemaster 5.0 for less than 500 let alone a triple perc. Also, i own a phx trinity and a perc'd gear and am very satisfied, trees are awesome, but hard to find and pricey, dome's get the job done fine.

  19. When i bought my toro, i almost got one for $400, DEF not $100 hhahaha

  20. PHX has been around longer, that doesn't mean they make better glass.

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