PH wont change no matter what! Why?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 996vtwin, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I found that one of my indi/sativas 4 weeks veg were showing signs of defiencies in Nitrogen with spots that seemed to be caused by lockout so I decided to check the ph.

    I am using a Professional Showplace Mix which contains perlite, vermiculite, dolomite, canadian spagnum peat moss 75-80% by volume. I am using Sensi Grow A+B. I mixed in about 1/3 perlite for better drainage.

    So I did my run off and noticed the soil was over 7 PH. This Pot was a 3 gallon and I must have run about 12 gallons of PH adjusted water to it and nothing changed. After a few flushes I got frustrated and started to dump gallons and gallons of water that was about 3-4PH (very acidic) and I noticed the run off didnt change not even one point :eek:

    I checked my new Ph meter and it was working fine but I couldnt believe what was happening. The rest of my crop were blueberries so I decided to do an emergency transplant to all with a different soil but I am still bewildered.

    I had some clay pieces used as stoned at bottom, then perlite then the soil mix...what could have caused my soil to stay fixed at 7.1 PH ???

    GG where are you?
  2. I don't know the answer to your problem but I know it sucks when no one answers, GC is sleeping or something lol try adding some epsom salts and if the symptoms get progressively worse maybe get some new soil and start over. Anyone else???
  3. well i dont consider myself an expert but if it doesnt change after flushing all that water through you mush have some rediculously shitty soil, whatever your soil is it has enough concentrated base in it to constantly keep it high even with repeated dilution.

    im not exactly sure how youd fix it other than just keep on flushing. its physically impossible for the PH to remain above 7 if you keep adding acid to it.

    make sure the water youre flushing with is making it to all the dirt and not just going through a straight column of pearlite to the bottom, pull the pot away from the edges of the dirt and pour in the gap, or you can take a pencil and poke a few holes straight down about mid way to the bottom and pour in those to get good water penetration.

    once again im not by any means an expert, but i hope this helps.
  4. I transplanted into an unknown potting mix and the run off was cool thank god the plants were only 3-5 weeks old and stunted from the imbalance perhaps. But even if the run off was running through a column in the soil I am putting in PH 4 and gettiing PH 7 :confused: I did this enough times to say f#$k it and transplanted into a 50/50 potting mix with perlite which is all I had. I really think things should go better now but this has really got me interested in a multi flow system I am so fed up with soil and mess!

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