pH when flushing in soil?

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  1. My plants have been blooming for 54 days now and i thought of starting the flush.

    I was googling something about flush when i read posts from some guys who said "dont ph the water u flush with".. i thought the explanation made sense.

    After I did it i read posts that pH is still important during the flush. Of course, why would u want to throw of the pH and stress the plants in the end?

    .. now i'm confused and was hoping for some clarification from u guys. Also, what should i do next time i water, maybe the last before the chop. pH it or leave it as is, since thats what i did last time?

    addl info:

    Medium is soil, nutes are Bio Nutes from Canna and Plagron. Tap water here is around 8.0pH. good enough to drink... all i know. i watered the plants 6.1 - 6.3 the entire grow, runoff was 6.5-6.7 most of the time.


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  2. wow if my water was ph 8 i'd complain to the landlord
  3. Just use pH down when flushing. Bring it down to at least 7.

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