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  1. hey all .. i have some big outdoor weed bush's and i'v ben giving them tap water there hole lives since i got them as clones. My question is , is it ok to start giving my plants ph balanced water now that they have started to bud? Its going from 8.0 to 6.0 will it shock the plant or have any negative affects with a ph drop like that? or should i drop it to 7.0 first then go to6.0 ?
  2. A P.H of 8 sounds too high IMO, 7 is the limit for the soil to uptake nutrients, so id say your plants are probably missing trace amounts of nutes.
  3. cmon man he knows that already. in my last grow i also started with tap water with ph of 8. shortly before flowering i got a ph meter and adjusted that straight to 5.8. no shock or ill effects. i dont know tho if thats generally true

  4. ok cool am guna water again today and take it from 8.0 to 6.0 then if there is gubna be no shock to the plant thx buddy
  5. Did you go through Veg stage with a P.H of 8.0?
    Any problems?
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    ya 8.5 or higher it was great threw veg the plants are huge as show in pics bellow ..but i heard that your buds will taste bad if you ph there water during budding so thats why am starting ph now .this is a pic of the plant right before it went into flower when it was still in veg

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  7. ^^^^^^


    I tought P.H would effect the growth more than it would budding.
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    Your tap ater is 8.0? are you sure?

    Whats your soil PH is the questions.

    Adjust you soil PH first. Your soil PH what matters. If your soil is balance at 6.8 And you use higher or lower PH water it only moves it around some if you have good run off out the bottom of the pot. So you can adjust all you want and it will not matter if your soil ph is higher than 7.0 or lower than 6.5. when you adjust down to 5.8 that is for hydro growers only range. Just coz you adjust your water to certian range does not meen that what your plants are feeding on.

    If you plant is in a pot then left it up and water heavy. Collect some of the run off water and PH that. This will till you your soil PH. Adjust that to correct level. The adjust all your water to 6.8.

    I would do what your doing for your plants look good. It's working now. So just go with it. Whoever told you adjusting PH will make bud taste bad is wrong. Never take advice from that friend again peroid.

    If you must adjust your PH then check out this chart and look the mistakes your making by adjusting so hi and low. Again adjusting your Ph will do noting if your soil is not stable within nute availabilty PH rang. There is no way a pot plant can take up some nutes at 7.1 or below 6.5 or so. Also notice the hydro growers ph is lower. This is where you must of got the 5.8 range wrong.

    You must have stable soil fighting to stay within range. They look okay from the pic you posted. Any fast yellowing? And purple in your main stems?


  9. Why would you adjust to 5.8?
    To Original poster

    I thought your were adjust to 5.8.

    If you adjust anything. Adjust is to 6.8 for soil grows.

    Another reason to use Fox FArm soil. 6.8 out of the bag.

    Did you plant right into your backyard soil? Or did you use a potting mix?

  10. Look at the chart above? Can I ask why you picked 6.0? And 8.5?
  11. well the 8.5 is just what my tap is at and am going to 6.0 just because i want to ph the water for the plants now that there budding
  12. I have a PH of 8.5 and have been growing with it for years start to finish with no problems.

    This year I am PHing some of my plants and no difference between the two different PH levels. I know that PH is very important for hydro but I am not yet connivence about the benefits with dirt growing.

    Higher PH will also slow growth.

    Higher PH seems to produce more crystals. But that may be a incorrect hypothesizes as I dont know enough about the chemistry involved in there production to know this for sure.

  13. Do you have any pics of how your buds turned out or pics of the plants ..?

  14. You said no differenace then said higher ph will slow growth?

    Again it's not your water Ph it's the soil PH.

    If your soil is 8.0 you plant will not grow... It simply cannot....
  15. That does kinda contradict itself.

    I should have said in some cases higher ph will slow growth.

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