Ph up or ph down

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Space alien, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Can I use swimming pool ph adjusters for my plants
  2. Think about what you just asked.

    PH up or down are like $10 for the big bottle...spend the money for the right shit.
  3. Well I figured ph is ph. Where can I find it? It's not in home depot or lowes.
  4. pretty much any gardening store will have it im sure you have a grown store around you some were short of that check the web
  5. hydroponics shop. The stuff lasts a long time. Since I switch nutes I find myself not needing to change it.
  6. Ph down us fulvic acid or something along those lines. And you know if you have high ph tapwater you could use that for ph up here and there. You can buy the hydro companies ph products at your local grow store or Amazon

  7. might work, but i wouldnt recommend it
  8. Thanks for all the Help
  9. ONLY if you are growing IN the pool. If not, then I would suggest getting the proper tool for the job.
  10. You can also check any pet stores near you.

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