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  1. when im watering and i use my ph up & down, it doesnt seem to be doing whats its doing or im reading it wrong. at first it says about 209-220. when i add ph down it goes to like 300+??
    what the hell. someone clarify for me please what i should do.:confused:
  2. i've been thinkin about this shit for a minute now im just not sure how your ph could possible go UP after using ph DOWN. I use it as well, never had this problem. Do you grow in soil?
  3. Tester whacked....
  4. I've never seen ph reading in those ranges,'s usually a reading like 5.8, 5.9, 6.0, 6.1 etc

    My ppm meter reads in the hundreds,....sure you got the right meter?
  5. Yeah, sounds like you are trying to take a PH reading with a Parts Per Million (PPM) meter. The PPM meter reads the acidity of the nutrients/fertilizer you just added to the soil. So the number will go up if you add a new compound such as a PH down. A PH meter should read roughly from 0-14
  6. this looks more like your ppm is going up not ph
  7. I have actually seen this problem. I found my PH was a little low so I went to add some PH up. I added it and it dropped about 1.0 levels. Then I realised I had used PH down instead. I was stoned. True Story :p

    but in all seriousness are you sure you didn't grab the wrong jar? I'm doing hydro so I can see the Ph rising rapidly in that, happened to me recently and I'm pretty sure it was a case of time for the nutes to be swapped out. I know your doing soil.
  8. What is the exact name/model of the pen? We'll resolve this right now.
  9. Its the hanna PPM meter....doh!
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    OK....i have 2 meters.... the one im talking about that did this was a water quality tester TDS meter.... the second (i haven't used yet) Milwaukee sharp waterproof testers. (these are the names right from the box/package).....and yes im doing soil

  11. Can't do ph with the TDS pen. The Sharp must be you ph pen. The digital scale should read from 0-14. In soil a ph of 6.5-6.8 is optimal....Cheers!
  12. then what the hell is the TDS pen for???
  13. Total Dissolved solids(TDS)measure nutrient level in ppm. Used mainly in hydro systems...
  14. thanks for all the help people;)

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